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Glazed ceramic pots

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Gardening is one of the best hobbies all over the world. Growing plants and taking care of them is not only a pleasuring pastime but also useful in many other ways. Gardening can be used to decorate the house beautifully, having a good refreshing environment all around the home. It also enables one feel the joy of regular contact with nature.

Glazed ceramic pots

For having a good garden, choosing the right pot is very important. Depending on the plant and your behavior, the right pot is essential for perfect growth of plants. Different gardener chooses different pots, but glazed ceramic pots have their own advantages.

Ceramic pots are good for most of the plants. They allow air and water movement through the outside surface of the pot, allowing the roots a good stimulation for better growth. As a gardener, you already know that healthy roots are essential for a better plant. Ceramic pots also let extra moisture out of the soil, making it the best choice for plants that prefer dry soil and you have a tendency of overwatering plants. Glazed ceramic pots are better for keeping the soil moist and restricting air exchange, suitable for plants that love high moisture.

Flowers are one of the main attractions of any garden. Most of the gardeners love flower plants to grow in their garden. When bloomed, flowers add the extra loveliness to the greenery. Glazed flower pots are a good choice for flowers like Black Cohosh, Daylilies, and Iris etc. that love moist soil. These flowers are unique and create a crazy field of green and colorful flowers. Certain types of grasses can also be used in glazed flower pots to enhance the beauty of the garden, like little bluestem, cordgrass, northern sea oats etc.

Another fact to keep in mind is freeze damage. During winter, the temperature is so low that freezes water into solid ice. This frost can be serious for any living thing. Plants are not indifferent to that. Tissues of a plant contain water and during winter, the water gets frozen, forming ice crystal inside the tissue. This damages the plant seriously and might even cause its death. Using ceramic glazed pots can not only prevent the damage but also keep the plant alive. Because of their insulation capability, these pots prevent the damage to the roots. The upper part of a plant, unless lethally injured, will survive the attack of frost bite. Those parts can grow up, but root damage is hardly recoverable and in many cases, the plant dies. So, it’s very important to save plants from frost.

There are several measures you have to keep in mind while using ceramic glazed pots. As they’re made of clay, ceramic glazed pots are obviously heavier to carry and with plants and soil filled in, it will require extra strength to move any pot. However, they provide some extra facility than other types of pots that every gardener should keep in mind. A garden may contain different types of pots for different plants or even for decorative purpose as well.

Gardening is not only about to have a better environment or a good pastime, but also a décor to the house as well. A good looking garden will always create a charm all around. In this beautification, not only plants but also the pots matter a lot. Stylish pots with cool plants will always provide a feel of the modern age in the lap of nature. Outdoor pots can be an extra attraction to the garden easily. It can be seen as a decoration to the entrance of the house, making it cooler and smarter.

Depending on one’s choice and plant behavior, the option of different pots come to question. In fact, a mixture of different types of pots is also quite possible. All these types of pots can be easily found from Ten Thousand Pots. This is the best place to buy the perfect, premium quality and eye-catching clay pots. Made in Vietnam, they directly export the pots for gardeners in Texas. The pots manufactured by Ten Thousand Pots are fired at 1150°C, making them rock solid and ensuring high quality and longer durability. Each pot comes up with one or more drainage hole to save the roots from extra water.

Another specialty of their pots is, these are water proof and frost proof without any sealer, protecting the plant from the harsh and cold weather during the winter. Their outdoor glazed pots don’t fade or crack even if exposed to snow or sun heat for many years. This makes the pots ideal for using as a decorative tool as well.

As all types of glazed ceramic pots are available from Ten Thousand Pots, it’s the ideal place to get pots for anyone’s garden, ensuring good plant health and decorative beauty at the same time.

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