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Glazed Outdoor Pottery - Eco Friendly Green Roof Gardening

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Ten Thousand Pots is a brand new glazed outdoor pottery store, starts their blissful journey from 2017. 2500 years ago in Iraq, king “Nebuchadnezzar” created the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” for his homesick queen. This garden was made from dried reeds set in tar, stone beams, waterproofing layer of lead and fired clay bonded with cement. Thankfully, the technology & methods to support roof gardening, green roofs, greenhouses and container gardens on rooftops has considerably improved.

Glazed outdoor pottery of Ten Thousand Pots is gaining popularity all around the world because of their high-quality containers that are being suitable for all kind of gardening – indoor, outdoor even roof gardening. Roof gardening is one the most exciting concept in maintainable building projects. Sometimes, christened roof gardening, green roofs, eco-roofs, vegetated roofs, living roofs provide a number of sustainable benefits on an otherwise unused, empty space.

In this era glazed outdoor pottery, gardens are sprouting on the apex of the town’s buildings, increasing beauty as well as environmental benefits. Many cities are known for its dense concentration of towering buildings than its munificent greenery. Currently, building owners and cities comprehend the positive impacts and possible profits of greenery roofs. Day by day green roofing projects is growing rapidly. As the projects become trends and widespread, the ways used to make them become more variable.

Glazed outdoor pottery is the best for this brand new concept. There are plenty of reasons for making a roof gardening but if you need to pick up a right container for this type of gardening, I will suggest you use Ten Thousand Pots containers. I am sure that you will not regret using their glazed outdoor pottery.

You need to dedicate some time in the warm months as that time is suitable to grow more weed. Check your plants in the glazed outdoor pottery carefully for diseases and pests. Primary detection will help you to avoid the necessity for chemical involvement. Be careful about the volunteer plants as windy rooftops often host those – clover, feral maple or Mugwort that can try to establish in your glazed outdoor pottery. Eliminate dead greeneries and other waste before they clog your roof’s drain.

Roof gardening in glazed outdoor pottery can be a home for local pollinators and birds. These gardens are a suitable spot for songbirds, butterflies, and pollinating moths. Your garden will also be safe from deer nibbling your plants. Daily watering is essential during the growing season for your rooftop container plants. For that, you can use drip irrigation fed from roof-level spigots. If you don’t have any spigot you can set a rooftop rain barrel on your roof.

We can transfer our flat, tar roof into a charming exterior heaven with glazed outdoor pottery. A well-organized roof can also help habitat for local wildlife & mitigates storm water overflow. Ten Thousand Pots containers are a useful option for your rooftops. Your roof garden can be planted with flowers, herbs, grasses, vegetables, fruits plants, even trees to add an exciting variety of textures, colors, scents, and heights. Walkways and patio can become a usable part of your roof environment as well. Nowadays, it is clear that roof gardening offers various economic, social and environmental benefits.

Rooftops are harsher climate than ground gardens in summer, fall, and spring. They may be tremendously bleak environments during the winter. But glazed outdoor pottery of Ten Thousand Pots is frost proof and waterproof. These legendary pots are very good for outdoor all over the year without cracking or fading color under summer heat or winter snow. Every glazed outdoor pottery has come with one or more drainage holes that are used to drain out the water in the winter season to avoid frost damages.

Ten Thousand Pots’ glazed outdoor pottery and sunny rooftops are great to cultivate edible plants. Many herbs, fruits, and vegetables are annuals, so we can try different varieties & cultivars every year. We can share these plants with our neighbors. This can reach a whole new dimension with to neighborhood. Roof gardener Platt encourages a ‘Pinch an Inch’ patch of herbs and lettuces as well as likes to invite everyone in our building to collect from it.   

Roof gardening is a super technique to draw folks together whether we are the only owner and use it for hosting visitors or live in a shared building with lots of occupants. Even a small number of plants in glazed outdoor pottery on the roof can convert an else barren place into an exterior oasis. Add a picnic table, deck chair, and some solar lanterns you might discover you never want to slope the stairs back to your interior home. The garden can be a potential source of income for you as well. Have fun exploring this roof gardening and learn about your garden!

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