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Vietnamese Garden Pottery - Best Pottery for a Charming Garden

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Hey Vietnamese garden pottery lovers, a good news for you! If you are low on balcony or yard space is the house of your garden oasis don't be disheartened – because most plants can be grown in a pot as long as we treat our potted plants with the right level of care. Container gardening is a method of dealing with a lack of exterior space, and flat, allowing us to cultivate plants in the appropriate atmosphere without sabotaging other vietnamese pottery plants.

Vietnamese garden pottery

So, be a friend of ceramic flower pots wholesaler Ten Thousand Pots to enlighten the charm of your container garden with their high-fire glazed ceramic pots. Ten Thousand Pots is the most reliable and well-known name in Vietnam. They offer us a magnificent collection with a great range of another type of planter.

Ready, set, décor! - Vietnamese Garden Pottery

We love to have beautiful Vietnamese garden pottery of plants around our garden and home. Ten Thousand Pots has top quality designs of planters for our home and garden. Among those, their 30” tall and higher pots, for instance, ceramic phoenix coin pot, ceramic large olive round rim pot, ceramic extra-large noodle pot, ceramic leeann planter, ceramic slender noodle pot etc. stylish pots are ideal for both exterior and interior. You can use those to highlight doorways and for commercial area, those can be used to help guide pedestrians in the public space too.

Pot planters wholesaler Ten Thousand Pots has 29” tall and shorter sizes pots, for instance, ceramic modern low bowl pot, ceramic globe pot, ceramic round rim planter, ceramic reed stem urn, ceramic anemoi planter etc. These tall and short planters are great and create a variety of possibilities for displaying our favorite greenery. They come in a set of 3 separate containers and is gorgeously sized so that we can create dynamic displays. We can set those out the way for a party or in the sunny spot on the deck.

Their 24” wide & larger sizes pots are, for instance, ceramic pumpkin planter, ceramic artichoke planter, aqua ceramic saigon planter, ceramic tuscan garland pot, ceramic round rim planter etc. These romantic pots are able to capture the feeling of magic and mystery through its bright color and a lovely sense of movement.

Garden pots wholesaler Ten Thousand Pots 23” wide & smaller sizes pots, for instance, ceramic classic wedge pot, ceramic milan pot, ceramic modern square pot, ceramic anemoi planter, ceramic high cana pot etc. are used to display your favorite flowers and plants. Their size works well for herbs, small tree, and flowers. These decorative planters can be used exterior or interior.

Also, Ten Thousand Pots have square sizes pots, for example, ceramic extra tall wedge pot, ceramic antibes square pot, ceramic extra tall rippled square pot, ceramic modern milan pot etc. The advantage of square planting pots is space not wasted. Those containers sit perfectly beside each other and can bring fresh style to your patio and deck.

The adding of a water fountain to our garden can make a peaceful retreat for our garden. Ten Thousand Pots have a wide variety of fountain, such as, ceramic fountain base without pump, ceramic round ripple fountain (pump and base not included), ceramic fountain (pump and base not included), ceramic self-contained fountain without pump etc. as well as saucers and glazed ceramic pot feet such as ceramic doggy pot feet, ceramic pizza pot feet, ceramic left foot planter, ceramic right foot planter and ceramic round saucer which are useful to prevent your garden container from staining the surface underneath them as well as allow for air flow under the pots.

Also, saucers are useful for popping under the container to catch water and help to reduce staining to your window ledge and patio. All of the glazed containers in the Ten Thousand Pots are weather resistant. Those will not fade in the summer sun as well as not crake in the frost. We love our animal pots and garden accessories, so Ten Thousand pots have variety super adorable animal planters, too such as, ceramic fish, ceramic hungry fish, cobalt blue ceramic large shell pot etc.

Vietnamese garden pottery

Good luck on making your container garden dream a reality! Ceramic pots for plants wholesaler Ten Thousand Pots love to see what you are working on. So, feel free to stop by their Facebook and Pinterest page as well share their awesome products with your family and friends circle, let them be satisfied with their products like you as well as help Ten Thousand Pots improve by sharing your feedback. You can easily pick out what you like as well as email them at with your product list. Also, for any query, you can call in (512) 584-1802 and can send custom offer too.¯`'•.¸* Take a look*¸. •'´¯

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