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Unique Vietnamese Ceramic Planter Pot

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There are many systems to getting the most out of our space. Our space may be limited but our imagination is boundless. So for making a garden just, we need our will. Our willing power will inspire us how we will be overcome the limitation. Nowadays containers gardening is very popular among all kinds of people.

Gardening is one of the best ways to enjoy the close proximity of nature. It also offers the best power to customize different places and add an extra decoration. In fact, gardening can be the best decorative tool available if used strategically and correctly. However, gardens require a bit larger space to establish but in the case of urban areas, such space is getting narrower and narrower – ultra rare, to be precise. In that scenario, pot gardening is the best solution. Pot gardening gives more flexibility in space shortage and customizability. It’s the best garden for decorative purpose. The pots along with the pots will definitely make the place better and add a charm of the refreshing environment.

We can add fun and decorative touch and a dash of greener to our deck, home or any commercial space with Ten Thousand Pots site’s beautiful planter set. Their glazed patio pots set to provide an eye-catching and fun accent and conversations piece to any space.  Their containers design is perfectly sized to fit window sills, table tops, or any commercial space, made of highly durable and quality ceramic. Their mind blowing products are able to draw our attention.

As a clay planters wholesaler, Ten Thousand Pots is a leading ceramic pot seller based in the U.S. Their factory is situated in Vietnam, the place where the art of pottery has reached its pinnacle. Vietnam is always famous for its fine quality pottery and Ten Thousand Pots offer the best of them to the customers. The glazed flower pots, after being manufactured, is directly shipped to the retail shop in the Texas, U.S. They always ensure the quality of the pots and doesn’t compromise with any fault.

Ceramic is an earthen compound that contains different types of materials that are strongly bonded to each other. The ingredients and process of producing ceramics are the keys to its quality. With a proper mixture of raw materials, it’s liquefied and given different shape depending on its usage and then heated to very high temperature. The higher heat, the stronger hardness, and better quality.

Ten Thousand Pots also share the key to the quality of their pots. The machines that are used to develop the pots are of the top quality and efficiency. Their glazed ceramic pots are heated to a high temperature at 1150°C or 2100°F in wood burnt kiln for ensuring super strength, durability, and quality.

Garden plants are often subject to the effect of unfavorable natural events and weather. Ten Thousand Pots plant pots are good enough to prevent several adverse situations like frost damage, rotting damage from extraneous water source etc. Frost damage can be fatal as it freezes the plant’s tissue fluids that contain a large amount of water, forming ice crystal in the tissues and killing the plant. The flower pots from Ten Thousand Pots save the roots from such damage. Because of good water drainage system, the pots also protect the root of the plant from getting rotten. While growing the tree in size, its weight increases a lot. Glazed ceramic pots are quite strong to hold up the root pressure along with the plant’s weight without any trouble.

Because of the high durability and vibrant color, these ceramic pots are quite valuable for a good touch of vivid nature along with matching plants. Ten Thousand Pots have a huge collection for all types of ceramic plant pots including large, medium and small size, square pots or fountains etc. These pots are quite suitable for using anywhere depending on the plan of decoration. With the extensive knowledge about Vietnamese pottery and its colors, finishes and glazes are well known to the staffs, ensuring the finest quality integrated into their products.

Ten Thousand Pots offer a good price for their pots. They offer viable price to garden centers and nurseries. For wholesale customers and wholesale account holders, Ten Thousand Pots offer a special discount. It’s the goal of Ten Thousand Pots to serve customers and commercial industries like offices, restaurants, designers, landscapers, architects, municipalities etc. on a higher scale.

The grand opening is going to be in September 2017. Ten Thousand Pots accept pre-orders and merchandises can be exchanged, returned or orders to cancel within 30 days.

Gardening can be a good pastime for both ourselves and the environment. We can entertain everyone around us with a beautiful garden. Gardening is also a proven method to keep physically fit. With the help of Ten Thousand Pots, we can easily gift ourselves the best atmosphere possible.

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