Glazed and Rustic Container - Bleeding Heart Plant

Aug 30th 2018

Aha Bleeding Heart! I love this. Do you love? Growing this romantic plant in a glazed and rustic container is a perfect choice for a gardening lover! It is a perennial flowering plant and has achieved … read more

Ceramic Plant Pots - For Cockscomb Flowers

Aug 9th 2018

Flowers of Celosia also called wool flowers or cockscombs that can bloom up to ten weeks. It is one of the most eye-catching annual plants with outrageously showy flowers within blazing colors. Celosi … read more

Hens and Chicks in wholesale plant pots

Jul 29th 2018

Hens and chicks are a very hardy plant, drought-tolerant and can thrive in full sun in the wholesale plant pots with almost no maintenance. Its botanical name is Sempervivum tectorum. These are very f … read more

Growing Fruits in outdoor ceramic planters

Jul 23rd 2018

Who don’t love fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs? But many of us don’t like always to drive to the grocery store to get them. Or have limited space for growing those. For them, outdoor ceramic plant … read more

Garden Urns Planters for Japanese Maple

Jul 7th 2018

Let’s grow Maple in Ten Thousand Pots’ garden urns planters. Japanese maple grows in abundance in the forest of Japan. It is native to Japan. It is well-behaved and small-sized ornamental tree. If you … read more