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Fragrant Houseplants in glazed patio pots

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There are countless causes to grow plants in glazed patio pots. Plants cleanse the air. It can soften and infuse our indoor and outdoor décor with nature. Plants can lessen the volume of stress we feel. They add a fabulous range of green textures and colors to uplift moods even on the dreariest, shortest winter days. But that's not all. Interior plants in glazed patio pots help more than one intention! Alongside complementing our interior decoration and enhancing house’s artistic value, they provide mind blowing aroma.

These sweet-smelling plants are better substitute than chemical-containing air fresheners for cleaning the interior air naturally. With their luxurious green splash and perfumed fragrance, they can brighten our households and thus, decrease anxiety levels we are dealing with. If you are looking forward to cultivate some perfumed indoor plant in glazed patio pots at your residence, try including one from the list given below.

  • Gardenia: Gardenia is popular for its aroma. It is one of the best indoor plants that can grow easily in glazed patio pots. This pretty house plant has white flowers and dark green & glossy leaves. Alongside these features, the plant produces a heavy perfumed aroma. There are around 150 species of Gardenia. Most of them are easy to plant while some are complicated to grow. For proper growth, most of them need bright light and high humidity. Choose the species that needs less care and maintenance.

  • Jasmine: It is one of the sophisticated houseplants which are grown in glazed patio pots to impart aroma. With its thick green leaves and white flowers providing sweet and mild smell, the plant is even compared to fresh linens. Jasmine flowers have many varieties. Among those, Arabian and Star jasmine is more common. Most of the plant species usually like high humidity, warm temperatures, and full light to bloom. A ledge is a perfect place for growing jasmine plant in glazed patio pots.

  • Geranium: As fragrant plants in glazed patio pots, geranium is very popular. Scrubbing or touching its leaves delivers a burst of perfumed aroma. This low-maintenance plant family contains a large group of popular plants – lavender, rose, orange, pineapple, mint, lemon, and more. For growing these plants, well-draining soil, full sun & night temperature ranging between 55-68°F is mandatory.

  • Eucalyptus: It is famous for emitting a refreshing aroma. These purple colored or dark green houseplants are worth growing at our home. Regular watering is essential for the plants because these plants tendency to absorb water quickly.

  • Orchid: Orchids are other popular option growing in glazed patio pots when perfumed plants are the topic. It has nearly infinite varieties that can be grown to deliver a decent perfume to surroundings. For growing well, all species of orchid require plenty of sunlight to thrive as well as effective propagation.

  • Mint: It is one of the best herbal tea plants that we can grow in containers at our home easily. It can deliver fresh aroma as well. For its pleasant aroma, this houseplant is heavily used in perfumery industry to extract oils for scent and perfume. Mint plant is very easy-to-grow in glazed patio pots as well as can be planted nearly anywhere.

  • Paperwhites: It is a member of daffodil family. This plant can be grown in any season. For successfully growing, this plant just needs some stones or pebbles and a shallow glazed patio pots.

  • Lavender: For lovely flowers and sweet aroma, lavender is the best choice to consider to grown in glazed patio pots at your home. Its aroma is well-known worldwide. This plant prefers hotspots & dry climatic conditions. For growing well, it needs adequate light to propagate successfully. So, your windowsills are the best place to grow this plant effectively.

Here are some other plants that you can also grow in glazed patio pots – Citrus Blossom, Sweet Bay, Stephanotis, Orange Jessamine, Tea Rose Begonia, Corsage Orchid, Passion Flower, Hoya, etc. extremely popular plants.

For growing these fragrance houseplants, you should use Ten Thousand Pots’ glazed patio pots. They have a rich collection of rustic and glazed pottery from highly fashioned pottery to functional garden pots. Ten Thousand Pots is recognized all over the world for their greater high-quality and brilliant design. All their products are handmade and compatible for interior as well as exterior applications for both modern and traditional design.

I hope you have enjoyed my selections of houseplants and Ten Thousand Pots’ gallery of beautiful glazed patio pots. I know that there are a lot of options out there, when it comes to selecting the right pot for the plant for your home go with whatever you find the most beautiful. Caring for a houseplant continuously is much easier when you regularly have the chance to appreciate its beauty. Have a happy houseplant journey!

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