Glazed and Rustic Container - Bleeding Heart Plant

Aug 30th 2018

Aha Bleeding Heart! I love this. Do you love? Growing this romantic plant in a glazed and rustic container is a perfect choice for a gardening lover! It is a perennial flowering plant and has achieved huge popularity for its dropping heart-shaped bloom of the flower. It is a shade loving plant but can thrive in partial sunlight as well. This flexibility quality allows it as a well-suited ideal plant for indoor growing in the glazed and rustic container. By properly take care you can enjoy more blossoms as well as can thrive in your glazed and rustic container garden for many years.

Bleeding heart plants contain ferny fronds that grow in a basal rosette form. Their hanging heart-shaped flowers bloom on leafless stalks. Its spectacular white or pink bloom gives this plant its common name of the bleeding heart. The bleeding heart blooms in early summer to late spring and idyllic for glazed and rustic container display. This shrub is native to Siberia and can flourish for years with the appropriate maintenance. Here’s what you need for creating Bleeding-hearts a treasured part of your container garden.

These showy plants grow well in the cool moist environment. It is a relatively large plant at maturity. That’s why for better growing they need plenty of space. Select a large glazed and rustic container with drainage holes in the bottom as they can become a substantial plant. Lots of species are available that you can choose. Among those, the Dicentra Formosa is the perfect for a container garden because of its compact size. These species grow from 9 inches to 1.5 feet tall. A bleeding heart plant can thrive 4 to 5 years in your large glazed and rustic container if you can provide good care.

After selecting species, fill the glazed and rustic container with a well-drainage, rich, lightweight potting mix that contains plenty of organic material. A compost or peat-based commercial mix can ensure you that the mix will drain well. Don’t use fast drying soil, it will force the shrub into early dormancy unless it gets extra water. For being sure of enough drainage mix perlite or coarse sand in your glazed and rustic container potting mix. Keep your soil moist but don’t soggy. This stylish foliage love humidity and moisture, but can easily succumb to root rot. Try to keep the soil cool.

During the growing season apply a diluted liquid fertilizer once a month in your glazed and rustic container garden. Using compost or slow release granular fertilizer can be a good choice as well. Avoid too much feeding. Remember one super rule of plant’s feeding that is too little fertilizer is better than too much. It is always troubled free glazed and rustic container plants. But occasionally snails and slugs can be the threat for young plants and need with slug bait.

It is one of the most attractive glazed and rustic container foliage. This showy plants will perform well when you require an extra style of color before summer bloom appear. Consider growing these spectacular plants in a rustic or glazed container like those from the Ten Thousand Pots to emphasize the plants' house style charm. Bleeding heart plant’s unique blooms and lacy foliage are the excellent springtime addition to sidewalk, entryways, and patios.

Plants have many benefits as well as bring natural beauty and aesthetically pleasing to both interior and exterior atmospheres there is no doubt about that. By making the texture and providing balance to design, plants can transform any place warm and attractive. To bring loveliness and calming effect to your home, colorful containers play a great role.

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