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Glazed Ceramic Pot for Eucalyptus Houseplant

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Eucalyptus is a big tree that stretches up to the sky and available at parks, woodlands, etc. Did you ever imagine the tree in your indoor, growing in a glazed ceramic pot? Yes, it’s quite possible. It can be a nice addition to your glazed ceramic pot garden at your patio/indoor. While it’s not a common plant, eucalyptus can grow well into a really awesome showpiece in a high-light spot. It provides a nice aroma when rubbed. The eucalyptus tree is quite elegant for any glazed ceramic pot planters and suitable to place at patio, decks and outdoor as well. Potted eucalyptus obviously requires more care, but with that little effort, these trees are largely trouble-free. If you want to grow this plant, you need to learn growing eucalyptus in your indoor glazed ceramic pot.

Container Selection

Container selection is an important step. These trees love good drainage. It’s drought tolerant, so you don’t have to water it as frequently. A glazed ceramic pot with proper drainage holes is required for the additional water to escape. When potting/repotting eucalyptus tree, you need to step up the planter size a bit for preventing overwatering. If there’s too much soil around the root, it may cause excessive moisture storing and that’s not good.

For your eucalyptus plant, choose Ten Thousand Pots’ glazed ceramic pot. The gorgeous collections of the store are all made from top-notch clay from the famous Binh Duong province. Each piece of glazed ceramic pot is burned at really high temperature for ensuring everlasting color, solid protection from the weather and hardness. There are tons of different glazed ceramic pot, rustic pot, and even saucers!

Potting Medium Of glazed ceramic pot

The key for a proper drainage system is a loose, porous potting medium. It’s necessary for supporting the roots while holding a small amount of water. You can collect premixed potting mediums from garden centers and nurseries. If you wish, you can create a homemade mix with one part peat moss, one part loam and two parts of clean garden sand.

Light and Water Requirements

The plant loves sunshine. Eucalyptus is a drought-tolerant tree, but too little watering can cause issues. Pour water so that it soaks the entire potting medium. Let the soil dry out slightly between every time of watering.

Fertilizer, Pruning, and Re-potting

There’s no need for a ton of fertilizer for glazed ceramic pot’s eucalyptus. However, you need to provide enough nutrients in the glazed ceramic pot soil so that it doesn’t thrive for nutrition. A single application of 10-10-10 or 10-30-10 in the spring can provide all the necessary nutrients the plant needs. During winter, you should prune the plant for controlling the size. You can also give it any desired shape and remove all the dead & broken branches. The new refreshed will cheer up the root health and growth of the plant.

Varieties of Eucalyptus

There are tons of varieties of eucalyptus available for glazed ceramic pot gardening. The eucalyptus that grows in the U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8-11, but it’s the best to check out each species one by one for finding out the most suitable one in your area. My most favorite one is the lemon scented gum (Eucalyptus citriodora), silver-dollar gum (Eucalyptus perriniana), argyle-apple (Eucalyptus cinerea) and mountain gum (Eucalyptus dalrympleana), etc.

Trees are the flavor of the outdoor and indoor of your house that becomes the ideal statement piece regardless of your décor. For flourishing indoor greenery and breathe life in your living place, trees are truly unbeatable. Eucalyptus is also a great air purifier and also used for medicinal purposes and for fragrance.

Plants in the glazed ceramic pot as décor are gaining more and more popularity these days. Unfortunately, this era doesn’t give us the chance of having a wider exterior space, but with the help of our creativity, we can easily bring a piece of the green nature within the glazed ceramic pot. Let’s just apply a little creativity in the design for flourishing in our small back lawns, balconies or the prettiest patios. In addition, you can add more beauty and charm with all the awesome, colorful & glazed ceramic pot from Ten Thousand Pots! There is a big collection of hundreds of rustic, glazed pottery for every type of container garden. A happy road to the eucalyptus gardening!

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