Growing Fruits in outdoor ceramic planters

Growing Fruits in outdoor ceramic planters

Jul 23rd 2018

Who don’t love fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs? But many of us don’t like always to drive to the grocery store to get them. Or have limited space for growing those. For them, outdoor ceramic planters gardening is the best solution for growing their own food at home. Here’s my infographic to the few easy to grow fruits plants and trees. 

Currently, container gardening gaining more popularity among people because of the rising cost of food and being more conscious of what they are eating. Having fresh and handy fruits, vegetables and herbs is not the only benefit to outdoor ceramic planters gardening. In containers, you can grow exotic foods, can overcome zone limitations, can extend the growing season and can space constraints. Today I will describe what type of fruit we can grow in your outdoor ceramic planter’s garden.


We love colorful fruits for instance – peaches, plums, apples, etc. But do you know you can grow those in your container garden easily? All summer you can enjoy - strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. by growing in the container garden as well. Growing fruits in containers add another dimension of edible gardening to your outdoor farming efforts. Many varieties of fruits are available that can grow easily in the hanging baskets, pots and outdoor ceramic planters.

For organizing a fruit container garden you can choose different sizes, shapes and colors containers including outdoor ceramic planters, glazed pot, wooden box, buckets, metal or plastic tubs or even grow bags. Fruits garden need a large amount of water. That’s why large containers are suitable to prevent plants from drying out. Use a substantial amount of soil in your container. A large quantity of soil will serve as a reservoir for water.

It will save the plant during dry seasons or when water loss from the plant in high. Be sure your outdoor ceramic planters have drainage holes. For good water drainage, you can keep small stones and gravel in the bottom of the container. Keep in mind, in cold season if soil freezes, you containers may be break or crack. So use Ten Thousand Pots’ outdoor ceramic planters because those are frost proof, waterproof. Suitable for any season, will not cracks or fade color under sun heat or snow.

After selecting outdoor ceramic planters now fill your pot with an ideal soil. An ideal soil has the nutrient holding capacity and has sufficient amount of air to assure proper root growth. Never use your garden soil because those are lacking sufficient aeration, often it is deficient in organic matter, water drainage may be too slow and may contain weed seeds.

Now is time to select what type of fruits you will choose for your outdoor ceramic planters’ garden. You can select varieties of fruits but for a successful fruit, garden chooses those which is suited to your climate. Pick up dwarf varieties because those are easy to maintain and prune, without ladder you can harvest.

About all normal fruits, plants come in dwarf forms that produce full-size crops, including - apricot, nectarine, apple, Pineapple, plum, peach, pear, cherry, etc. Dwarf citrus plants, including – lemon, Grapefruit, kumquat, orange, etc. are great candidates for outdoor ceramic planters growing. Here are more easy growing plants that you can pick up.

Strawberries – can grow in any type of containers for delicious summer harvest. Need full sun and well-drained soil. Raspberries – It grows well in outdoor ceramic planters and can be harvested from last summer to early autumn, love good drainage and sunshine. Blueberries – it is low-maintenance plants but fruiting about three years, and very attractive patio plant. Figs – It is sun-loving trees provide a taste of the Mediterranean with their chewy, sweet delicious fruit.

Gooseberries – it is low-maintenance, hardy plant with juicy succulent fruit, outdoor ceramic planters friendly. Love sun and semi-shade and fertile soil. Apples – This tasty fruit love well-drainage soil and full sun. Prune every winter to stimulate growth and to get the best crops. Blackberries – Grow well anywhere in outdoor ceramic planters or ground. Need a little attention. Honeyberries – It is hardy tough plants which are packed with antioxidants for a nutritious snack straight from the bush.

Few fruits species are self-pollinating while others species need second trees for pollinating. Before purchasing fruits trees for your outdoor ceramic planters’ garden, met with an exporter for helping in selecting the right trees. Bear in mind, first-year maybe bear fruit but it may take few years for the tree to fully establish itself.

To grow fruits at home you don’t need an orchard. So whether you have an enormous horticultural spot or not, if you like to produce your own fruits, you can and I have got the perfect fruits list for you to grow in outdoor ceramic planters. Take a look, choose your favorites, and DIY your way to more homegrown fruits on the table all year long.