Growing Vegetables in ceramic outdoor pots

Jun 19th 2018

Growing vegetables in Ten Thousand Pots’ ceramic outdoor pots are a cool technique to enjoy fresh food without the bothers of pulling weeds or ploughing the soil. All you need is a perfect glazed or rustic pot, sunlight and good soil! To enjoy the freshness and flavors of home-grown vegetable, a container gardening is a great way. A little bit secret is, most vegetables are able to grow well in container. Growing veggies at first looks overwhelming but not complicated. For starting you need plants or seeds, few containers, plenty of water and sun, fertilizer and some good soil. Installing this ceramic outdoor pots garden don’t require a lot of time. Just need a certain amount of attention daily basis.

Advantages of Vegetable Container Gardening

There are many benefits while growing vegetables in ceramic outdoor pots. It allows growing vegetables within a limited outdoor space. However, even people with a large backyard should consider adopting a few planters. Pot garden offers less soil-borne diseases, less weeds and critters are less likely to infect your harvest. In cases, the soil quality is not good for growing plants. Growing edibles on ceramic outdoor pots is really fun & challenging at the same time. By knowing the basics, you can start your pot garden right away.

Deciding What to Grow

In ceramic outdoor pots, almost all types of vegetables can be grown if the necessities of the plants meet. However, it would be unwise to try to grow large watermelons or corn in ceramic outdoor pots garden. For deciding your ideal plants for your garden, you should choose those what you like to eat.

My favorite salads are mesclun greens. Those are expensive and hard to find at the same time. That’s why I grow them in my own ceramic outdoor pots garden. My kids love peas and I prepare lots of dishes with peas from my garden. Eating vegetables right from your garden provides you the best enjoyment of your mind.

Seeds or Seedlings

Now, the first question that arises when growing the plant is where to start – seeds or seedlings. It depends on the specific plant, but there are some key benefits to seeds. The first thing is the price – seeds are very inexpensive. Seeds make hard-to-find plants easily accessible to you. The only drawback here is, unless you take sharp care, your seedlings may die easily.

A large seedling will survive slightly harsh environments, but others will easily die because of slight drought. You can easily slow seeds directly into your ceramic outdoor pots. If the weather isn’t suitable, you can sow your seeds into pots by keeping them indoor. The seed requirements are also good to keep in mind.

Use high-quality potting soil

Many gardeners will feel satisfied in blending their own homemade potting soil, but I recommend buying bags of good quality potting soil. There are some crucial things here. It saves time and when you purchase in a bulk, it saves money. Unless you’re a pro in gardening, it’s better to get ceramic outdoor pots garden soil from nurseries or plant stores. Your potting soil mix may have defects or the proportion wasn’t right. In those cases, your plants will have hard time dealing with proper growing.


Ceramic outdoor pots’ gardening offers lots of benefits, but the biggest issue with such gardens are drought. The soil may turn dry rapidly depending on the soil mix and plants. Ensure a regular flow of water. Avoid droughts and floods. The ceramic outdoor pots size also matters. Lack of root space may result in symptoms of nutrient deficiency and wilting.

A Bountiful bottom line

By applying a few simple & easy steps at the starting of each season, your ceramic outdoor pots garden will thrive with some weekly maintenance. My suggestion is to start your garden at the starting of summer as it is ideal season for planting and growing plants. Remember to feed the soil with essential nutrients for your ceramic outdoor pots’ plants. Don’t put a lot of fertilizer at the same time within the mix. Instead, apply small doses of water soluble fertilizer every couple of weeks/months to keep the plants healthy. It’s really effective for a better harvest.

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