Hens and Chicks in wholesale plant pots

Jul 29th 2018

Hens and chicks are a very hardy plant, drought-tolerant and can thrive in full sun in the wholesale plant pots with almost no maintenance. Its botanical name is Sempervivum tectorum. These are very favorite plants for all gardeners. These houseleeks grow well out and indoors, in hot or cool temperatures. They are super easy to grow, even a new beginner can grow this plant in wholesale plant pots successfully without facing any difficulty. These cute plants have an unusual texture and color. These plants have the old-time attraction. These tiny succulents are familiar for their cute, sweet rosette form & many offsets or chicks.

Hens and chicks are shallow-rooted plants. That’s why this plant is suitable in very small, shallow or miniature wholesale plant pots. They are neglect and drought tolerant to the great. These are cold hardy and also hardy in the balmy climate of zone eight. It is an alpine plant and has an amazing tolerance for unwelcoming conditions. For growing these sculpture succulents, a good potting mix is required. The regular potting soil of wholesale plant pots is not perfect for growing successfully. Hens and chicks come in a multitude of shades from gray to green to burgundy, countless with edges tipped in bright purple, pink, red, or even black.

If you use the regular potting soil, you can mix a little slow release fertilizer into the soil but be careful; too much fertilizer can kill your plant. It will be safe if you use a potting mix that specifically designed for succulents and cactus. Purchase this ideal potting mix from a reputable nursery. Next, pick up Ten Thousand Pots’ wholesale plant pots that have sufficient drainage holes to escape the excess water. Too much water is bad for that plants, just water when the soil has dried out below the surface.

For testing moisture of wholesale plant pots’ soil, stick your finger into the soil to the second knuckle. If you feel dry at your fingertip, add water until it runs out of the bottom of the wholesale plant pots. These easy growing plants are readily available in most nurseries. They need well-drained, full sun, even gritty soil. The ideal temperature for these plants is from 65°F to 75° F.

You can grow those from seeds as well. There are many online nurseries carrying a wonderful array of varieties and seedlings. After sowing seed in the potting mix, you need to keep the wholesale plant pots in a warm room until germination. After germination, scatter some fine gravel around the plants to help conserve dampness. When new plants reach an inch in diameter, transplant them into large wholesale plant pots. These plants require a little bit of care. In 4 to 6 year, the mother plant will die. After maturing, hens and chicks plant produces flowers. After producing the flower, you need to pull off the plant because they will expire. At least, every 2 years, divide the chicks for the mother plant to prevent overcrowding.

There are different sizes and shapes of hens and chicks plants that you can pick up for your wholesale plant pots’ garden. They grow from diversities smaller than a dime to plants that are larger than your hand. The small hens and chicks such as the jovibarba rollers and several “Sempervivum arachnoideum” varieties are super for fairy gardens and delicate, interior planters. They usually produce well and can rapidly generate a carpet of small rosettes.

It’s hard to find any wholesale plant pots that these plants don’t look nice. You can plant hens and chicks in teacups, strawberry jars, clamshells or even a glazed pot. In a word, planting these colorful succulent plants is fairly simple. If you want to make your wholesale plant pots stand out, you can try using different sizes and varieties hens and chicks plants. You can mix them with different succulents as well.

To provide year-round beauty to both your home and garden, growing hens and chicks in wholesale plant pots are unbeatable. These colorful succulents don’t lose their leaves in winter. For best color and performance, they only require plenty of sunshine. Are you growing these plants in your wholesale plant pots? How’s it going? If not yet, start planting and see the result. Sure you will be surprised. Colorize your home and garden!