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Outdoor garden planters wholesale - create a sensory garden

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Nowadays, our society is focused on technology. For that, we are suffering a great disconnect with nature. But the health benefits of nature are recognized as well as has some science behind it. A colorful garden is a place of beauty to enjoy with our eyes as well as also helps to appeal our all senses. A lovely garden enhances visual appeal to a courtyard.


A garden also appeals to a person’s senses of taste, sound, touch, and smell. In a word, a garden has the power to stimulate our sensory levels. For that, we don’t need to create a garden like a playground. Just by using Ten Thousand Pots products as well as mixing some clever and simple ways, we can achieve a sensory delightful garden easily. There are lots of different garden accessories at Ten Thousand pots that can be used for our interior and exterior garden to achieve an interesting sensory garden to touch.

Sight - For Visual Appeal

Always remember that shapes, aspects, and colors can help us to create a wonderful aesthetic visual environment. A well-designed garden can provide a precious resource for an extensive range of uses, from education to recreation. To create a sensory garden, first of all, we must select visually appealing plants and then we need to use layer plants at different heights, flowering perennials, use shades/hedges to form backgrounds & use plant rows to extend areas. Select trees that attract birds, butterflies, and bees as well as use colorful glazed flower pots for your garden. Also, for the sense of sight, we need water features, statues, lantern, gorgeous planter containers and animal planters to draw the eye to a specific area too.

Touch - Texture

A garden is a perfect place to combine great textures to feel and touch. Include different kinds of surfaces in garden walkways, for instance, crushed gravel, stone slabs, and tiles etc. A soft garden is great to feel under bare feet as well as walking in a loose pebble path, you will feel a great adventure and its sound will impress you. Pot planters wholesaler Ten Thousand Pots have various colors of pebbles in the collection to create our garden's path beautifully.

Smell – Fragrance

Alongside visual appeal, the smell is the sensory element plants are frequently picked for in a garden design. Flower’s sweet smell can delight the mind as well as can trigger memories. For fragrance, keep some fragrant flowers, for instance, dianthus, lavender, jasmine, gardenia and shrubs, for instance, Christmas box, Anne Russell viburnum, and fragrant pineapple broom to add a bit of sweet perfume to shade gardens. To welcome our guests, we can use fragrant and ornamental plants near the front entrance of our home. Include a few fragrant flowers to glazed patio pots on your deck or balcony as well.

Sound – In a garden

Wind chimes, wind whistling via leaves, the chirping of birds, the buzzing of the bees, the crunch of gravel under foot and running water sound create a peaceful environment. The most and best affordable way of achieving sound in any garden is to use fountain and bird attracting plants. Let the sound of happy chirping birds fill the air as well as use Ten Thousand Pots’ different type of fountain to make the garden elegant. Garden pots wholesaler Ten Thousand Pots’ colorful fountains are able to add another dimension of enjoyment to the garden and landscape.

Taste – Edible Plants

Planting herbs, fruits and vegetables are suitable for stimulating the sense of taste. For a sensory garden, no need to have a big veggie patch to integrate taste. Just use plant pots wholesaler Ten Thousand Pots’ colorful containers to grow small herbs and plants. Anything from baby carrots, tomatoes, lemon, strawberries etc. are great options for fresh produce we can pick. Whatever our taste buds desire, whether it is hot, soothing, sweet or sour, there’s a fruit or veggie to suit.

So, purchase Ten Thousand Pots’ products and decorate your dream garden. They always provide the reasonable prices that bring to our satisfaction. They are promised to deliver our products on time and they always put product quality & guarantee on the top that will be able to make a good relationship with the customers. Also, they take great pride in their packing. They always pack their products with lots of care knowing that it will travel a long distance.

So, we can feel safe to give them order. We want to make sure that those will reach our warehouse in the same condition as when those left their warehouse. If we incorporate an element into our garden that stimulates each of 5 senses, we will soon have an interesting indoor and outdoor place that will be the suitable space to play, entertain and relax. Cheer up

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