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How to Grow Microgreens in Outdoor Pottery Planters

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Ten Thousand Pots is an outdoor pottery planters’ online store and their modern, attractive pots are sure to steal your mind. Microgreens perhaps small, but from plastic-wrapped at the grocery store to corner cafes, they have become a massive trend that is found everywhere now. These are small plants of greens, vegetables or other herbs. Similar sprouts, they are a focused nutrient source & full with helpful enzymes due to their quick growth. Microgreens are inexpensive and can be grown easily in outdoor or indoor in outdoor pottery planters. Growing our own micro-greens in outdoor pottery planters at the house is an amusing interior action. Their leafy green leaves can be eaten in a few weeks after seeding.

Growing these at home isn’t only a hobby, can be grown all year round in winter or fall as well. To grow these just we need sunny ledge and outdoor pottery planters. Microgreens are mainly used to create a tiny, flavorful and delicately textured salad as well as also used only one or two greens to provide a plate a final touch. Mostly these are seen in dishes at gourmet restaurants and at home because of their delicate flavor and classy performance. Healthy foods play a vital role in our health. These greens are healthy, tender and insanely good for us. These are exactly one of the healthiest veggies on the earth. What do we need to grow micro-greens? Do you thinking how will you start your micro-crop at home? Stop thinking. Not much, actually. Let’s go to the steps!

First of all, decide what micro-greens you want to grow. Almost any vegetable seeds can be used to grow micro-greens. But I think will be good if you select radish micro-greens, broccoli micro-greens, sunflower shoots, as well as snow pea shoots to start with. Although, for first timer mixing seed is a great option. They have a nice variety of testes, nutrition, and textures. Next, buy a pack of seeds from a reputable and reliable supplier. Purchase organic seeds. Never get treated seeds. Be sure seeds are safe and not been exposed to any chemicals. Before sowing these seeds in outdoor pottery planters soaked those overnight because wetness will speed up germinating as well as increase germinating rates of these socking seeds.

Microgreens like shallow pots. If you are planning to grow micro-greens in container, firstly select outdoor pottery planters that have at least two incenses deep as well as large in diameter as you want. These type of outdoor pottery planters easily you can get from Ten Thousand Pots. In their store, different sizes, shapes and color containers are available that are suitable for any kind of gardening.  Then to get the highest nutrient density from micro-greens fill that ceramic pottery pots with a good high-quality organic potting mix and smooth the soil. Now you have outdoor pottery planters, soil, and seeds, so it is time to plant! Sprinkle the seeds perfectly so that seeds are approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch apart. And sprinkle a thin layer with 1/8 inch of soil.

For growing indoor micro-greens in outdoor pottery planters, remember adequate moist, warm and light is essential.  Water gently thoroughly as well as place those outdoor pottery planters near to the window or in a place where it will get at least 4 hours of sunlight. It takes 5 to 7 days to germinate. After germinating the seeds re-water the pot from the bottom and keep it in a sunny place as well. We can grow those under a fluorescent light. Maybe will take 10 to 20 days to reach the size we want to harvest. For their healthy growth, be sure that those are kept in a suitable environment that is require to grow.

Aha… now is time to harvest. We can pick up those micro-greens about one to three weeks after sowing when they reach 2-3 inches high. The first set of leaves are said baby leaves and the second set of leaves are called adult leaves. Use kitchen scissors or sharp knife to cut the seedlings just above the soil surface from the outdoor pottery planters.  After cutting micro-greens from outdoor pottery planters, use them in mixed smoothies, salads, cold soups or sandwiches. To gain the health benefits of micro-greens, use them as soon as possible after reap. This will helps protect their nutritious properties, plus prevent these delicate tiny greeneries from wilting. Microgreens are easy to grow in outdoor pottery planters as well as provide us with a rapid harvest for not much effort. It is amazingly healthy to eat, delicious, home-grown salads almost every day all over the year. Experiment with diverse mixes, adding the diversities you like best. They are absolutely worthy of a spot in our garden. Happy gardening!

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