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Garden Plant Pots - For Growing Mushrooms At Home

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Hey you, do you want to grow pounds of mushrooms in the garden plant pots at your house with a little bit effort in a miniature amount of space? Feeling confused and wonder really is it possible to cultivate tasty fungi at home? The short answer is, yes it’s possible and garden plant pots’ online store Ten Thousand Pots is here for you to help you. Let’s see and learn how it can be done. For that just you require few garden plant pots, about 16 square feet space, an organic material to grow the mushrooms such as some spawn and spent coffee grounds etc. Growing mushroom in garden plant pots is a low-cost investment that we can grow delicious returns we can eat as well as share with our friends. When I was young, hunting mushrooms was a fun play. Growing mushrooms in the house is a fun experiment and rewarding as well. Growing mushrooms in garden plant pots is a fruitful method of producing food from another underused resource.

Ten Thousand Pots’ garden plant pots are helpful for a mushroom cultivator. Mushrooms are low in calories as well as high in fiber. They are also fat-free and contain a high amount of selenium, potassium. Mushrooms are filled with antioxidants, vitamins & nutrients as well. The mushroom can be grown best in the garden plant pots and in the interior where the light and temperature condition may be more readily managed. Common home waste can be utilized to grow mushrooms such as coffee grounds, toilet paper, cardboard, leaves and grass clippings, straw, egg cartons, wood chips and logs, liquid for nourishment, compost with a blend of materials for instance corncobs, cocoa seed hulls, cotton, gypsum & nitrogen supplements. Mushrooms grow from spores, not seeds. These spores are so tiny that we can’t see those with our naked eye. Mushrooms like cool, dark, moist as well as damp growing environments. For better growing of mushrooms in the garden plant pots, it needs 55 to 60 degrees temperatures.

Don’t you have any forest or spare garage to grow mushrooms? Don’t worry. With just a little bit creativity, mushrooms can be grown in the garden plant pots and small spaces that you may think. We can produce a considerable amount of mushrooms in the garden plant pots by including them into roof garden or even by growing them interior in closets & spare washrooms. Of course, the type of space and amount can vary considerably. The important is to evaluate our location. With a site inquiry or if we are interior, a walkthrough & select the techniques that will benefit us maximize produces for our given situation. Approximately 20,000 known type of mushrooms are available in the world. There are different kind of mushrooms that can be grown at home in garden plant pots easily as well as lots of edible mushrooms varieties are available to select from. So be careful and be sure that you are not picking wild poisonous mushroom for growing.

Every type of mushrooms needs specific growing requirement. Portobello, Crimini, Maitake, Enoki, Oyster, Shiitake etc. are white button types mushrooms which are commonly can be grown at home in the garden plant pots. First of all, select which one do you want to grow? Next, purchase spawn or spore of your selected mushroom from a reputable dealer. You can purchase spore but my opinion is spawn will be easy for you to grow as well as handle mushrooms at the house. Mushrooms can be produced in almost any garden plant pots. Only need appropriate growing medium and condition. Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of the kingdom and fleshy fungi. They need a different type of growing requirements than green plants. Although they come in many varieties, mushrooms have similar growing requirements. For new mushroom growers, oyster mushrooms are good and easy to grow. For cultivating oyster mushrooms we need – oyster mushroom mycelium, clean straw, Ten Thousand Pots’ garden plant pots and plastic tubing.

This technique of treating straw is named the stinky straw method. It is the smelliest method to cultivate mushrooms at the house in the garden plant pots. Don’t worry about the smell because the smell is very temporary. This bad smell will be dissipated from the straw within thirty minutes from the fermentation. Within 3 or 4 weeks you will be able to see small mushrooms appears in the garden plant pots. Mushrooms will be ready for reaping when their top will be opened completely as well as will be detached from the stem. Now you have learned how to grow mushrooms at your house in garden plant pots easily, right? I hope you will get fun doing this worthwhile project for yourself.  Jump growing your own mushrooms now to discover their benefits yourself. Good luck!

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