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Air Purifier Plants in Wholesale Flower Pots

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Air purification is an important process that’s required to live properly in the world. There are lots of plants all around ourselves that act like natural air purifiers. These plants are able to absorb various harmful chemicals (VOCs and others) surrounding everywhere. Indoor plants are also quite the right choice as the alternative to purchase an air purifier and enhance the beauty at the same time. A good collection of indoor plants can be set in wholesale flower pots in any house, office or workplace to create a beautiful, green environment to make the people cheered. There are many sources of various toxic materials and many of them are just our everyday usage elements like plastics, paints, varnishes and even computers! If you’re concerned, start planning about setting a green environment with some cool indoor plants in wholesale flower pots.

Don’t choose the plants that cause other issues like allergies. Instead, choose the ones that are helpful for preventing asthma, allergies, auto-immune disorders etc. Almost all the indoor plants have the ability to purify the indoor air at some certain level, but some of them are really efficient and active on the subject. The 3 most common toxins found in the house are:

Formaldehyde – Found in kitchen towels, facial tissues, shopping bags, cooking & heating fuels including natural gas & office furniture, kerosene, cigarette smoke, household, cleaners and, carpet backings.

Trichloroethylene – Found in printing inks, dry cleaning, adhesives, varnishes, paints, metal degreasers, and lacquers.

Benzene – Found in oils, inks, gasoline, plastics, rubber dyes, pharmaceuticals, detergents, and explosives.

Believe it or not, NASA scientists came up with some incredible researchers and results when they looked into the ways of creating a suitable space station environment and habitats with the properties of having enclosed & confined rooms, just like our house and workplaces. Here are several best plants for your home, office etc. They’re charming and nice looking at the same time.

Peace Lily: This plant should be in wholesale flower pots in every single indoor place. It’s quite the champion for filtering out chemicals and other toxins. It’s really good in purifying air from toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia etc. The complete list is long enough, but this plant is quite charming in the circumstances. Be careful, as the plant can be temperamental! They don’t like movement so much. Avoid placing the plant into a place that drifts a lot. You have to ensure that they get enough low, indirect sunlight every day; not the direct, bright sunlight.

English Ivy: Awesome plant in wholesale flower pots that can remove benzene from the air. Benzene is emitted into the air from smokes, detergents, pesticides, and off-gassing of other synthetic materials. English Ivy in wholesale flower pots is also beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers. Because of the properties and look, English Ivy in wholesale flower pots is a great choice for indoor decoration.

Snake Plant: Another great plant for air purification. If you set even one of it in wholesale flower pots, it can easily remove lots of harmful chemicals like benzene, toluene, xylene etc. The plant in wholesale flower pots require very little attention and has the ability to survive in low lighting with irregular feeding.

Gerbera Daisy: I love gerbera daisies for their bright array of colors. The view is truly beautiful with a few green splashes around it. NASA says that it’s an amazing plant that can remove benzene & trichloroethylene from your home. These chemicals are omitted from dry cleaning. Although gerbera daisy in wholesale flower pots loves more sunlight, many have been successful in growing the plant in wholesale flower pots in their bedroom.

Dragon Tree: It’s another easy-to-grow plant in wholesale flower pots. It loves indirect but bright sunlight, but not heavy care. The plant is quite effective in clearing benzene, toluene, formaldehyde etc. from the air. Dragon tree is a tropical plant that loves the high humidity. So, placing them in laundry or bathrooms is a great choice. You also should pot the plant in wholesale flower pots with well-draining soil.

Janet Craig: An attractive, easy-to-grow plant that requires low maintenance and completely fuss-free. Although being tropical by nature, Janet Craig is compatible with average home conditions. The houseplant in wholesale flower pots can easily remove toluene, xylene, benzene etc. from the room.

Water it when it needs. Make a break by allowing the top of the soil dries out. Make sure to use wholesale flower pots with proper drainage holes. There are lots of toxic chemicals floating in the air. Planting these plants, you can reduce the air pollution level in your home to get rid of the toxins. Scientists are also amazed seeing the air purifying properties of these plants. Plant them in wholesale flower pots and enjoy a healthier environment!

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