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Teaching Children Patience with Decorative Plant Pots

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Gardening with children is tricky. It is a way of opening the world up to them and introduces them to some of the living creatures under rocks, on plants and in the soil. Gardening is a valuable pastime and a place where kid’s memories take root as deeply as any plant goes into the earth. Every single day seems different when a kid goes outdoor. Gardening a priceless way to teach kid flexibility and patience. Two years ago my daughter Raiyan who was 3 years old, planted a sunflower seed in my decorative plant pots flower garden. After carefully planting and watering the seed regularly she was checking for the signs of growth. Within a week, she became delighted to see a tiny seedling emerges in the decorative plant pot. Currently, she is now 5 years old and she is an old pro in the garden. She enjoys to teach her two years brother Sidrat how to garden.

I am surprised to see her keen insight and observation about gardening in the decorative plant pots. This spring she has planted peas and noticed me that seeds would soon be flowering. I was suspicious but amusingly astonished that 5 days later when the plant flowered. To share my passion I have introduced Raiyan to the gardening in the decorative plant pots. In the method, I have found that this experience has given her a number of benefits, including a sense of accomplishment, patience a nurturing spirit, respect for the environment and the ability to plan. Gardening in the decorative plant pots is an excellent family activity that can be done right in our own backyard with just a few supplies.

No need for a spacious space for a kid’s garden or even land. Our kids can grow vegetables and flowers in the Ten Thousand Pots’ decorative plant pots easily. Through this activities, we can get our kids outdoors and away from the television and open their eyes to the wonder of nature. Also planting a seed in the decorative plant pots, nurturing the plant as well as seeing it’s growing and mature, kids are able to learn about the cycle of life. Kids love to make something with the physical environment themselves as well as love to share with others. For a successful gardening experience with our kids, we should keep few thing in mind. First of all, for kid’s garden provide a special place or could be large or small decorative plant pots to cultivate their plants. Also be sure that the place is always easily accessible to them.

Always allow them to go out and check their plants in the decorative plant pots whenever they want and let them see what’s going on their garden. Encourage them to show what they like and to take the ownership of the plants what they sowed. Select colorful and funny vegetables such as Easter egg radishes, which are color in white, rose, purple and white, carrots like Thumbelina, which shape is like golf balls etc. in decorative plant pots. Children love and enjoy planting edible flowers such as nasturtiums and violas. And berries such as raspberries, grapes, and strawberries are always a hit. Candy Red also good for kid’s garden as those are thornless raspberry. Always select fast growing seeds and decorative plant pots to encourage the kids.

We can pick lettuce and radishes, which can be reaping with twenty to forty days of planting. Also can select large seeds for instance beans, pumpkins, melons, and peas which seeds grow quickly and these seeds shapes may be fun for kids. Educating tolerance through gardening is the ultimate lesson. Nowadays, it’s hard to be patient. We don’t like to wait. But now research and observation have clearly revealed that there is a great learning benefit for kids to be involved in the gardening activities. These activities are able to develop our kids’ minds and brains at certain stages of their lives. A garden with decorative plant pots is the best learning platforms for this development.

Actually, a garden is a very valuable stage for kids to learn priceless lessons about patience - as they wait for their growing vegetables and flowers, responsibility – as they realize how essential their attention is to the garden as well as even hurt when flowers perish at the end of a season. It is a great opportunity for our kids to be closer to the ground, to make an intimate relationship with the earth. Gardening with decorative plant pots is a wonderful family venture jam-packed with learning, experimentation, and adventure. Kids like to study when they are having fun. Not only our children will enjoy the satisfaction of nurturing life in decorative plant pots, but they will also love spending time with us. Enjoy!

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