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Texas flower Pots for A Bee Friendly Garden

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Ten Thousand Pots is a Texas flower pots store - provide beautiful glazed pots to make any kind of garden. Bees’ main aim is to pollinate plants. Their food searching time they play this important role in the worldwide food production. At present bee populations are decreasing due to colony collapse disorder habitual destruction which made worries agriculturalists. Also, for pesticide and radiation exposure bees are dying. You can save and support the bee’s population by generating a bee friendly garden with Texas flower pots. To attract the bees to make their nests in your Taxes flower pots you can fill your garden with bee-friendly plants. That’s why just you need to make a tiny change in your usual garden. What’re these techniques as well as how to apply them? Let’s see.

Importance of creating a bee-friendly garden with Texas flower pots

Bees pollinate flowers and fruits which is useful for increasing our crop production. The major benefits of the alluring & providing environment to bees is enriched healthy and yielding fruiting. If bees visit our Texas flower pots’ garden it sure that our fruits and veggies will not mature in irregulars’ sizes and shapes, as well as our production rate will increase. By inspiring bees to our Texas flower pots’ garden we can also allow other pollinators insects such as - hummingbirds and butterflies to pay a visit our garden too. Bees are lovely buzzing creatures that seldom bites us. Most of the bee’s types are self-protective rather than aggressive. Among those especially solitary and bumblebees are harmless. These bees bite only do this in defense.

Tips to make a bee garden using Texas flower pots

A Texas flower pot bee garden means a type of garden that is able to draw the attention of bee and provides a natural environment for bee’s population. By slight alternation such as providing shelter, changing our garden habits and planting bee-friendly plants and by providing pollen and nectar as food, we can create it easily. For drawing the attention of bee to your Texas flower pots’ garden, choose a variety of flowers that are most enchanting for bees & will blossom at different times all over the year for a fixed source of pollen and nectar.

Exotic plants are able to produce lots of nectar, like butterfly bush, firecracker. These bushes are great for attracting butterflies and bees into your area. Problem is these they don’t support the whole life cycle of these insects. For that select plants according to your climate in your area. For Texas flower pots’ garden select local plants than non-native fancy and exotic plants for bees. For these plants, adult bees will be attracted by Texas flower pots’ garden that will search for pollen and nectar and will increase native habitat in your area for other wildlife like birds and caterpillars.

For Texas flower pots’ garden avoid less grow hybrid flowers because those are hardy and showy as well as contains less or no pollen. Try to grow to your Texas flower pots’ garden single petal flower. Those type of flower has only one ring of petals as well as best to provide more pollen and nectar than paired petal flowers. Hummingbirds attracted towards big flowers on the contrary bees prefer to feed on small flowers. That’s why drawing attention to bees need year-round blooming of flowers in your Texas flower pots’ garden. You can select perennials and annuals equally which bloom season by season. In the spring grow borage, crocus, lilacs, and calendula etc. Monarda, pentas, sunflower, marigold, snapdragons and cosmos etc. in the summer and zinnias, gaillardia and aster for fall.

Bees tend flicker from one flower to another one. That’s why growing flower in bunches is a nice idea. Always bees prefer cool color and bright flowers such as white, blue, yellow etc. These pollinators also attract towards herbs, veggies, and fruits. You can grow - peppers, gourds, and squashes etc. as veggies, fruits such as blackberry, strawberries, guava, peach & passion fruits, those are filled with nectar. In herbs, growing catmint cilantro, oregano and lemon balm etc. are good too for your Texas flower pots’ garden.

Don’t remove weeds like clover, lantanas, dandelions, and milkweed because those are vital as pollinators like butterflies and bees feed on those. If you think weeds will invade your garden, you can grow those weeds in the large container as well as take away to avoid seedpods from starting. Then arrange shallow water source for bee’s drink. You can use Ten Thousand Pots’ saucer for providing water source near the flowering plants. Avoid conventional fertilizer and pesticides because bees are so tender that harmful pesticides directly influence their life. By installing every instruction into your Texas flower pots’ garden hope your face will be brim with joy to see a beautiful bee’s garden. Now enjoy the beauty of nature!

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