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Vietnamese Black Clay |Tall Glazed Ceramic Planters

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Hey, are you looking for tall glazed ceramic planters that are contemporary? Well, stop searching, friends! Ten Thousand Pots is ready to introduce us with their spectacular stylish and sophisticated tall glazed ceramic planters. All of us love the conspicuous planters which integrate beautiful texture together with a unique sensation and stylish design that complement our home. Ten Thousand Pots has a vast range of potteries to satisfy and accomplish our wishes. Those pots are long lasting and a vase of vibrant blooms never will stop to enhance the mood of our living space for many years to come.

tall glazed ceramic planters

Ten Thousand Pots use black clay for manufacturing their tall glazed ceramic planters. Preparing garden pots from black clay is an ancient tradition in Vietnam. Black clay’s planters are considered as the hardest pottery in the world. The color and design of each tall glazed ceramic planters vary because each pot is exclusively handmade. These magnificent tall glazed ceramic planters finishing is as smooth as an egg shell. Ten Thousand Pots’ all black clay enchanting planters are frost resistant because of this clay’s thickness, density, and for firing at high temperature. These Vietnamese tall glazed ceramic planters allow being left exterior all year round.

Ironstone or black clay is a Vietnamese ceramic which is prepared from dark brown clay. This clay is excavated from the bottom of the rivers. After accumulation, those clay are formed into thousands of different sizes and styles as well as fired in a wood burnt kiln at 1,150° Celsius degrees or 2100° Fahrenheit degrees to generate long-lasting sturdiness. The Vietnamese tall glazed ceramic planters aren’t glazed during the preparing procedure. After preparing Vietnamese artisan polish those containers nicely to match with our home or garden.

Ten Thousand Pots is well-known in the pottery manufacturing world. Their tall glazed ceramic planters are planters are the essence of smartness that will bring warmth to the inner or outer of your home. These garden containers come in very large sizes.  Each tall glazed ceramic planters are so decorative that they can be displayed as a piece of art and the design of the planter is able to accommodate an adequate amount of soil for the roots of the plant to grow. Ten Thousand Pots’ Vietnamese planters are desired by decorators, homeowners, and landscapers.

Ceramic researchers expressed that Vietnamese ceramic is the best ceramic in the world. The researchers admire that Vietnamese ceramics are prepared not only by the creativity of the hands but also with the enthusiasm and the passion, which give publics the super goods full of Vietnamese art.

Ten Thousand Pots company always bring the perfect tall glazed ceramic planters to their customers around the world with the most competitive values. Currently, Ten Thousand Pots factory located in Binh Duong, south of Vietnam is equipped with the contemporary and advanced technology. Their team members are the most skillful artisans of Binh Duong – a well-known place with a long custom of the fine art ceramics. Their tall glazed ceramic planters are precisely capitalized and strictly reviewed so that their high-quality products will certainly satisfy all consumers.

tall glazed ceramic planters

With many years of experience in the pottery, Ten Thousand Pots help their customers to select tall glazed ceramic planters from their available products and offer the customers to get the latest items. After all, the main mission of Ten Thousand Pots is to bring high satisfaction to their clients. At a glance, their preparing amazing designs and vibrant colors will attract you. They exclusively manufactured tall glazed ceramic planters and those have a huge demand all over the world.

Their tall glazed ceramic planter’s collection offers a fresh tactic to container gardening, letting us match and mix to create a unique combination for our space. Their containers are super to enhance the beauty of our garden and home. These are tall and distinctive pots and perfect for adding to any front entrance and is ideal lined along an entrance wall or as a patio accent. The tall glazed ceramic planters provide a standard and stylish look to your home or out.

These high-quality tall glazed ceramic planters are exceptionally durable and will make your courtyard thrilling and enrich your out-of-doors enjoyment. These glazed pots are resistant to cracking, chipping, and fading. However, light enough to move. All are ecologically friendly, contain anti-UV and aging flavors to create them color-fast and will survive temperatures from 40 degrees below 0 up to 158 degrees above, letting them stay outer all year long. Put any plant you wish to show off in that pot or use them to start a small container garden. Whatever you decide to use, these tall glazed ceramic planters are a must have. So, collect glamorous pots from Ten Thousand Pots now to adorn your home and garden.

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