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Wholesale Garden Pots Supplier

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Wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots is committed making a platform where all garden lover can reach their ideal level of gardening. Garden lovers are sure to find the best pottery from this wholesale garden pots supplier store that works perfectly for them. Wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pot’s goal is to provide their customer the large variety of high-quality indoor and outdoor containers in Austin. They are an exceptional sales & service provider who earns the respect as well as exceeds the expectations of their valued customers. They accomplish this by offering their wholesale and retail customers unique and distinctive collections of high-quality ceramic containers sourced from their Vietnamese factory at a competitive price.

Wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots located at 9601 Hwy 290 W, Austin TX 78736, next to Gordo’s Tortas & BBQ and Telephone - 512 584 8889. You can order any quantity pottery at any time but for full truckload order, they need 5-6 month to fulfill that (manufacturing, exporting takes time). Wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots puts a lot of time and effort into their presentation and that is also reflected in their pottery products. Quality is their core focus & what they are proud of. They also have a skilled design team that constantly keeps up with latest design trend.

The customer can pick the colors and styles from a vast selection of products based on their specific desires. No need to buy pricey pots loads with limited shape diversities and color selections. Wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots’ catalog offers purchaser the choice of selecting any quantity as well as color to suit their individual needs. Wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots Vietnamese collection is comprised of two categories – glazed and rustic. Their offered Vietnamese products are considered the most durable pottery on the worldwide.

Those products are fired in a gas kiln at a high temperature about 1500 °F. The glazes applied are very thick & vivacious in color. Wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots use super quality black clay to make their products which are as hard as stone. From the mediterranean to modern, these lovely rustic and glazed containers are breathable pots in which your plants will thrive. Wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots products are able to provide a timeless classic look to your home, garden or balcony. They have a huge collection of Vietnamese containers in different sizes, colors, and styles for your different necessities.

For a dramatic effect, using glazed and rustic pots has become one of the trends in pottery. If you need to put the finishing touches on a landscape modernize, or completely rebuild an outdated space, visit wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots. Here you will get the right shape, sizes and color pottery in a reasonable price that you are looking for. Their selection, inventory, and prices are second to none & they work hard to assure your satisfaction. Their focus and priority are to accommodate you with quick purchaser facility and on-time distribution.

The glazed ceramic planters from wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots are vibrant and really charming. They come in bright colors with great styles and sizes. Prepared of high-quality pottery with intricate detailing, each piece is high fired, giving it sturdiness as well as long -lasting finishes. These glazed and rustic containers would definitely enhance the appeal of your beloved plants. All pots are provided with drained holes.

Enjoy the selection found on wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots and give them a call to collaborate on the right products for you. Welcome you to their Vietnam-based manufacturing and exporting company. I think you will consider wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots as your good source of glazed and rustic pottery. They are committed to becoming your trusted supplier. I look forward to playing a role in growing your pottery profits throughout this coming year! Enjoy visiting!

Enhancing your indoor and outdoor should be part of your life, it should not take over your life. So, poke around, get comfortable and step into the world of pottery that wholesale garden pots supplier Ten Thousand Pots have created just for you. For a complete collection of Ten Thousand Pots indoor and outdoor rustic and glazed ceramic planters, please request for their catalog or contact them for any custom inquiry. Let’s stay in touch with Ten Thousand pots!

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