Annual Flowers That Liven up any Home

What are Annual Flowers?

Annual flowers are flowers that grow and bloom once a year. The growth period usually starts in Spring or Summer and ends before the first freeze. Annuals typically die after the first freeze. Their purpose is to act as seasonal flowers that add a pop of color to your garden. If planting a flower that only blooms once gives you pause, don’t fret! According to the National Gardening Association, annuals can leave hundreds or thousands of seeds behind when they die.

What is the difference between annual and perennial flowers? Perennial flowers lose their blooms but come back every year. Many plant lovers tend to focus only on perennial flowers because the word perennial implies less work. That may be somewhat true, however, annuals have many rewards. Some of the benefits of annual flowers vs. perennial flowers include:

  1. Creativity – Perennial flowers stay the same year after year. Annuals give you the freedom to express yourself in your garden. You can add different flowers each year to switch up your garden’s look.
  2. Longer bloom period – Annuals tend to bloom for a couple of seasons. On the other hand, perennial flowers usually bloom for as little as a month.
  3. Lower Cost – You can find annual flower seeds for as low as 20 cents. Scatter some seeds around your garden in Early Spring or just before. Watch your garden brighten up.

    Annual Flower Pot

    Flowers for Shade

    Flowers typically do best in full sun. Some, however, do much better in the shade as it prevents their colors from fading. These are some annual flowers for shade:

    • Alyssum – Alyssum has bunches of very small, micro flowers. While they can tolerate full sun, partial sun is best to avoid burning or scorching delicate petals. A common question for homeowners is what annual flowers are deer resistant? Alyssum is one of the flowers that doesn’t seem to draw attention from deer.
    • Begonias – Begonias prefer partial shade. Their leaves are sensitive to direct sunlight. They also like to stay moist, so some shade keeps them from drying out too fast.
    • Violas – Violas are known to lose their bright color in too much sunlight.

    Annual Flowers Full Sun

    You can grow most flowers in full sun. Select flowers do wonderfully with full sun. These flowers can’t get enough sun: 

    • Pentas – Pentas can’t get enough sun. More sunlight will make them grow more flowers.
    • Cosmos – Cosmos are another annual that enjoys full sunshine. Without enough sunlight, they will not bloom.
    • Petunias – Petunias are one of the prettiest purple annual flowers. If you’re asking, “what annual flowers bloom all Summer?” petunias are your answer. They will bloom right up to a major freeze. 

    Do Annual Flowers Come Back?

    Annuals do not usually come back. Before they die, some drop seeds that you can collect for the next season. If you are worried your annuals won’t return, put them in a ceramic pot. Before the first frost, bring your pot inside and place it near a light source until Spring. 

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