Our Team

Louie Natal

Project Manager
Email:     louietenthousandpots@gmail.com

As operations manager, Louie facilitates the warehouse team and conducts workflow in the yard. He is responsible for team synergy and safety, overseeing productivity, fountain installations, delivering ceramics, and customer service. His knowledge of fountain installations, landscaping, and product care makes him our ceramics expert.

Louie worked in the steel industry until the Katrina hurricane crisis hit in the early 2000s. Afterward, he joined the workforce rebuilding infrastructure in Mississippi. During these humanitarian efforts, Louie gained valuable experience with heavy machinery and construction techniques.

His passions include food, brews, and anything on two wheels. In his spare time, Louie fixes his motorcycles and shreds the dirt track. His motto is, “two wheels for life!”

Services Provided:

  • Water-Feature Creation
  • Fountain Installation
  • Design Consultations
Taylor Pierce

eCommerce Manager

Phone:   512-584-8889

Email:     taylortenthousandpots@gmail.com

As the eCommerce Manager, Taylor is responsible for managing various online sales channels, launching new products, aiding with product merchandising and inventory, SEO, and other duties. For more than 6 years, Taylor has headed digital marketing campaigns from PPC to content writing to social media and utilized various online sales channels to provide quality products and customer support to more shoppers.

Taylor graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas before moving to Austin to pursue a career in digital marketing and eCommerce management. Taylor enjoys playing disc golf, seeing live music, exercising, and watching his beloved Chicago sports teams in his free time.


  • Texas State University

Todd Wingler
Store Manager

As store manager, Todd is responsible for training new employees, tracking resource inventories, general store upkeep, and brightening days. He is also our on-site electrician, general handyman, and one of our fountain experts.

While training at NJATC for electrical work, he acquired the tools of the trade that help create our beautiful displays. Besides electrical systems, Todd has extensive knowledge of all things hardware-related.

At Sam Houston State, Todd majored in Theatre with a focus on music. He is an active member of the choir at Faith Presbyterian Church. Some of his hobbies include dancing, gardening, and eating spicy foods. Todd has lived in Austin since he was three years old. Austin is his home and he strives to make everyone else feel the same.

Services Provided:

  • Electrical Advice
  • Fountain Creation
  • Gardening Consultation
Byron Cassar

Assistant GM
Phone:   512-576-6908
Email:     austin@tenthousandpots.com

As an Assistant GM, Byron is responsible for scheduling, hiring, SEO, web design, improving team synergy, and identifying marketing opportunities. Byron uses his experiences as a bicycle courier, mechanic, and bartender to find unique solutions to everyday problems.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a Bachelor’s in Religious Studies and a double minor in Chinese and Global Studies. In his spare time, Byron likes to go running, study language, and watch foreign T.V. shows.


  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Jonah Stewart

Marketing Manager
Email:     jonahtenthousnadpots@gmail.com

As our Marketing Manager, Jonah oversees our social media, advertising, and SEO. He is responsible for curating our online presence, managing our blog, and SEO and marketing research. Jonah also helps with customer service, managing shipments, and cares for the office foliage.

Jonah obtained a Bachelor of Science from Stephen F. Austin State University and plans to continue his education in the future. In his free time, Jonah enjoys gardening, home improvement, and occasionally gaming. His motto is, “kill ‘em with kindness.”


  • Stephen F. Austin State University

Services Provided:

  • Design Consultations

Michael Boudreaux
E-commerce Manager
Phone:   512-300-6568
Email:     michael@ttpottery.com

Michael moved to San Marcos in 2020 with his husband, Dustin, and two dogs, Layla & Drum. He graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. His hobbies include gardening, cooking, and working with a variety of crafts.

As Sales & SEO Specialist, Michael handles all of our B2B sales and keeps our website running efficiently. He also assists with any creative projects involving trade shows, Graphic Design or Photography. Michael’s background in design and a keen eye for detail is an asset in helping pick the right planters for your space!


  • Lamar University - Beaumont, TX

Services Provided:

  • Design Consultation

Andre Natera
Warehouse Associate / Administrative Assistant

Andre began working for our company in 2021 and has quickly become one of our most vital employees. His attention to detail is unparalleled. Andre is responsible for fountain creation, customer service, data entry, product audits, and gathering various media materials.

In his spare time, Andre creates and produces multiple types of music. His life-long goal is to develop his own studio and sound systems.