Fountain Guide

Our Team Explains How to Create a Look Uniquely Yours

For thousands of years, people have built custom fountains that have propel the imagination. In fact, according to a Wikipedia article on fountain history, fountains provided drinking water and “were used for decorations and to celebrate their builders.” Throughout time and culture, people have created water features that enhance their environment. Likewise, a successful custom fountain can bring tranquility and luxury to your indoor or outdoor space.

At Ten Thousand Pots, we specialize in fabricating, installing, and servicing custom fountains. We have helped homeowners, landscape designers and industry professionals turn their creativity into a reality.

What Are Examples of Custom Made Fountain Designs?

We can help you create outdoor and indoor waterfalls, pet fountains, custom fountain covers, disappearing fountains, tiered fountains and closed top fountains of almost any size. The design of your piece will be based on your space and vision. Some examples of trending designs we can build include:

  • Closed Top Fountain –A closed top fountain requires little maintenance while offering many of the benefits of other fountain designs. To create these, we prepare a planter by drilling drainage holes, installing a fountain water pump and use our specially fabricated basins at the top. As a result, these water features are portable and easy to install with a quick fabrication turn around time.
  • Disappearing –A disappearing fountain adds the sound and movement of water while hiding a reservoir. The reservoir recirculates the water with a pump. These fountains involve digging a hole, evening the ground, installing a reservoir with plastic lining and topping off with river stone and mulch. In addition, we can create a self-contained disappearing fountain by combining one of our planters with a basin.
  • Tiered Fountain –Our most unique design comes from our custom tiered fountains. Usually, our guests select a set from a product line. For example, if you would like a fountain in a small indoor space, we can take a set from our low bowl collection and turn it into a cascading waterfall.
How Do I Design a Custom Fountain?

Usually, people purchase fountains made from preset molds made of ceramic, plastic, stone or a poly material. These fountains can come in a variety of sizes and styles including closed top and disappearing. Unfortunately, these designs might limit what you have in mind. Since this is the case, our team has developed inhouse techniques to create one of a kind water features. To realize your vision, we will:

  • Offer a Free Consultation –No fountain installation is the same. Each space offers unique opportunities to enhance your indoor or outdoor space. For this reason, we begin by offering a free consultation to find out what you are looking for and how we can realize your vision.
  • Assist With Style Selection – While we do have many fountains in our own collection, we do not limit you to those choices. In fact, we can turn almost any pot into a fountain. In some cases, we can fulfill custom mold requests.
  • Fabricate Your Design– After you choose on the style and size of your custom fountain, we will begin fabricating. Every design goes through rigorous testing for consistency and durability. Typically, within 5 business days we will have your creation ready.
  • Deliver, Ship or Install Your Custom Fountain – No matter what your needs are, we offer full services. This includes shipment, delivery and installation. 
How Do I Care for My Custom Fountain?

Caring for a fountain might seem like a chore. Surprisingly, caring for a custom fountain from our store is extremely easy. Check out our fountain care guide for in-depth information on how to keep your custom fountain clean. Our fountains will run smoothly for decades with a little love and care. 

Looking to Realize Your Custom Fountain Vision? Contact Our Team!

Are you looking to take the next step and make your home or business stand out? Do you have the vision for a custom fountain design and want to see it realized? We have helped individuals and businesses realize their vision all over the nation. Find the right water feature for you by shopping online or contact our staff at (512)584-8889 to see how we can help.