Fountain Guide

At Ten Thousand Pots, we specialize in fabricating, installing, and servicing custom fountains. We have helped homeowners, landscape designers, and industry professionals turn their water feature dreams into a reality. We also stock a selection of pre-made fountains for a quick, elegant upgrade for your space.


Fountains are not a new trend in home and garden decor. They have been a familiar accent for outdoor spaces for thousands of years. In fact, according to a Wikipedia article on fountain history, fountains provided drinking water and "were used for decorations and to celebrate their builders." Water features have been used for millennia to enhance environments. Likewise, a luxurious custom fountain can bring tranquility and elegance to your indoor or outdoor space.

What Types of Custom Fountains Can You Design?

At Ten Thousand Pots, we can create outdoor and indoor waterfalls, pet fountains, disappearing fountains, tiered fountains, self-contained fountains, and closed-top fountains of almost any size. Our only limitation is your imagination (and the laws of physics!). We will customize the design to your unique space and vision. Some examples of the most popular designs include:


  • Disappearing –A traditional, disappearing fountain adds the sound and movement of cascading water with a hidden reservoir. The reservoir catches and recirculates the water that runs down the sides of the pot. Instillation involves digging a hole, evening the ground, installing a reservoir with plastic lining, and concealing it with river stone and mulch. 

  • Self-Contained Fountain –A self-contained fountain requires little maintenance while offering many features of other fountain designs. Instead of water flowing down the exterior of the fountain and into a reservoir, it stays recirculating within the pot itself. Their "all in one" design makes these water features versatile and easy to install indoors or outside. 

  • Tiered Fountain –Our most striking designs are our custom tiered fountains. Our customers select a set of two differently-sized pots from a product line (our low bowl collection is a popular choice) We rest the smaller pot inside the larger pot and pump water into and out of the inner pot, creating a gentle flow of water down the side of one or both pots. Depending on the design, this fountain can be self-contained or traditional with a reservoir. 

  • How Do I Design My Custom Fountain with Ten Thousand Pots?

    Most fountains are cast from preset molds made of ceramic, plastic, stone, or poly material. The fountains can come in various sizes and styles, but unfortunately, these pre-fabricated designs might limit your design choices. Our in-house team has developed techniques to create one-of-a-kind water features. We are constantly developing innovative new designs to meet our customers' needs. Building a custom fountain with Ten Thousand Pots is a relatively simple process. Our team will:

  • Offer a Free Consultation – No fountain installation is the same. Each indoor or outdoor space offers unique opportunities to customize your design. Our team will happily give you a free consultation to find out what you are looking for, what will best suit your needs, and how we can realize your vision.

  • Assist With Style Selection – We have a collection of many fountains, but we do not limit you to those style choices. Just because you don't see the exact design you're looking for, don't worry! We can turn almost any pot in our inventory into a fountain and often experiment with unconventional builds. 

  • Fabricate Your Design – After you choose the pots and style for your custom fountain, we begin fabrication. Every design goes through rigorous testing for functionality and durability. Our typical turnaround time is two weeks, but we often have your fountain built, tested, and ready to install in about one week.

  • Delivery and installation – We will deliver, ship, and install your Custom Fountain. We offer complete white glove installation services, including shipment, delivery, and professional installation, no matter your needs. 

  • How Do I Care for My Custom Fountain?

    An infographic detailing proper care and maintenance of Ten Thousand Pot's custom fountains

    Caring for a water feature might seem like a chore, but don't worry! Maintaining a custom fountain from our store is extremely easy. Our fountains will run smoothly for decades with a bit of love and care. 

    Keeping your fountain full and running is vital to the health of your pump. Your pump should always be fully submerged when powered on. Make sure no debris (leaves, pollen, etc.) in the water could clog or block your pump. Regularly draining and rinsing out your pot and reservoir will ensure the pump lasts for years. 

    While you may choose to add an algicide to your fountain's water, adding detergents like dish or laundry soap can be detrimental to your pump. If you have pets or wildlife that may drink from your fountain, be mindful of toxins that could be harmful if ingested.  Never add any chemicals unless they are specifically designed for fountains and safe for pump motors.

    You absolutely must drain your fountain in the event of a hard freeze. Simply running the fountain is not enough to keep the water above freezing temperatures. When it freezes, the expanding ice will put too much pressure on the interior walls of your pot and will crack or shatter the vessel. We recommend siphoning the water from your pot and reservoir and covering your fountain with a tarp to keep out debris during the coldest months of the year. 

    You can download our handy guide HERE




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