Best Plants for Kitchens

Best Kitchen Plants

The kitchen is likely the first room you enter when you start your day. Naturally, you want a cozy, serene feeling when you spend time there. The most effective way to achieve this is to have gorgeous leaves draping down, welcoming you to the room. 

Kitchens often don’t have the best light. They will usually have one small window. If you are lucky, you may have an additional window. If you don’t have a lot of light to work with but want a plant on your countertops, some plants will work for you. Some of the best low-light kitchen plants include: 

  • Pothos – Pothos are essential for low-light areas. Even on a counter across the room from a window, Pothos will show you new growth every day. Water every two weeks in low light or more often in bright light.
  • Snake Plant – Snake plants will have no qualms about growing in a low-light area. They are slow-growing however, so moving them closer to a window will speed up the process. Watersnake plants like you would a succulent, only when the soil is completely dry. In low light, that should be every three weeks. Another reason snake plants are suitable for the kitchen, according to Plantify, is that they are immune to most pests and diseases. You will want to keep kitchen plants especially free from pests and diseases.
  • Philodendron – Philodendron grows like Pothos, constantly vining and shooting out new growth. They will still grow in low light conditions like Pothos, perfect for countertops far from a window—philodendrons like to be watered once a week. In low light, you can get away with watering a little less.

Kitchen Window Plants

You can have healthy tropical plants for kitchens with a window with great light. The kitchen is a high-humidity room. Therefore, plants with high humidity requirements will thrive at their best. Here are some plants with 50% or higher humidity levels that will do well in a kitchen window: 

  • Monstera – Monsteras are an excellent option for kitchens. They thrive in high humidity. They have beautiful heart-shaped leaves, which will make any kitchen more comforting. Monsteras like medium to bright indirect light. Water 1-2 times a week.
  • Orchids – Orchids are one of the classic plants for kitchen windows. They don’t like being overwatered but like to catch residual water from the air. That is similar to how they catch water in their natural environment. The sink will give them a steady supply of moisture. Orchids like bright indirect light and water once a week. Make sure all water is drained out.

Tip: Another benefit of orchids is that they don’t need soil. Plan them in orchid bark for less mess in the kitchen.

  • Lucky bamboo – Lucky bamboo prefers high moisture levels. They often live in water instead of soil. They will benefit from being in a kitchen or bathroom. Bright indirect light is best for them. Lucky bamboo prefers to stay moist. Water once or twice a week.


Kitchen Herb Planter

Kitchen garden plants are becoming increasingly popular. The most practical plants you can have in the kitchen are herbs. The convenience of having herbs right where you cook is ideal. Right on a windowsill is best. Another benefit of herbs in the kitchen is the pleasant scent they provide. Try some smaller herbs like parsley or lemon balm.

Herbs tend to like more water than other indoor plants. Watering two to three times a week will suffice. Make sure not to overwater. For the sun, keep herbs on the kitchen window, they like lots of light. Whatever you plant in your kitchen, just have fun with it.