Best Way to Keep Bird Bath Clean?

Best Way to Keep Bird Bath Clean?

You Won’t Have to Clean Your Bird Bath Daily with the Right Preparations.  

Are bird baths a good idea? Bird baths are a serene and calming garden feature. The benefits of bird baths are numerous. For instance, did you know that garden plants appreciate the presence of birds? Plants react to the sounds of bird calls and music in a similar way. Birds will also liven up your garden, adding more color and sound to your environment. Furthermore, providing a water source for our feathered friends helps keep nature in balance.

Glazed Ceramic Bird Bath 

Your garden can become a sanctuary and private nature preserve with the help of a bird bath. In fact, according to an article by Mother Earth, bird baths help more than just birds. For example, more birds will mean fewer pests in your yard. Similarly, wasps and other insects that eat harmful bugs are attracted by your bird bath. Birds will also naturally dead-head your garden plants. 

What is the Best Way to Clean a Birdbath?

We recommend using a scrub brush and a dash of vinegar in a water solution. Vinegar will remove algae, a common problem with bird baths. Because there can be harmful bacteria in the water – always use gloves and wash your hands after cleaning. The steps to cleaning out your bird bath are as follows:

  1. Empty out the dirty water from the bowl.
  2. Combine one part vinegar and ten parts water in a plastic container.
  3. Remove the debris from the bowl using a scrub brush and the cleaning solution.
  4. Rinse out the remaining vinegar solution from the bird bath bowl.
  5. Refill with clean water.

Preventative measures can be taken to keep your tall bird bath clean without constant maintenance. Don’t use algaecide or pool products in the bird bath water. Otherwise, the creatures using the water source might get sick. Some tricks to keeping your bird bath free of algae and debris are:

  • Place your bird bath in the shade. Algae grows faster in the sun.
  • Use a solar-powered pump to keep the water flowing in the bowl. 
  • Get a custom garden water feature bird bath.
  • Put a bottle cap of apple cider vinegar in the water. This will not be harmful to birds.
  • Use a bio-friendly bird bath enzyme.
  • Get a glazed bird bath. The glaze will provide a non-porous and easy-to-clean surface. 

Monitoring the water is the best way to keep the bird bath clean. First, clean it before it gets too dirty. Afterward, take preventative measures to maintain the beauty of your garden ornament. 

Where Should You Put a Bird Bath?

You might be asking yourself, where should I put a bird bath? As mentioned briefly, bird baths in the shade will grow les algae than bird baths in full sun. Here are some other tips that will help you place your bird bath:

  • Birds like to be tucked away and secluded while bathing. Place your bird bath close to shrubs, foliage, or larger plants.
  • Keep your bird bath a reasonable distance from bird feeders. Birds are messy eaters and will drop their food into their drink.
  • Level out your bird bath. Placing your bird bath on level ground will allow you to fill it with more water – keeping it cleaner.

Do Hummingbirds Bathe?

Surprisingly, hummingbirds will use your bird bath even more so if it has running water. Hummingbirds hover while bathing. Therefore, your bird bath will attract more hummingbirds with a gentle flow of water. 

Want to Get More Wildlife in Your Backyard?

Incorporating a bird bath into your garden can have many benefits, especially if you know the best way to keep a bird bath clean. A clean bird bath will invite birds and other helpful creatures into your yard. 

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