Ceramic Pots to Spice up Your Fall Decor

Fall Garden Decor

Fall is an exciting time for seasonal home decor lovers. Decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving can be a great way to get into a festive vibe! However, knowing when and how to decorate for the Fall season can be tricky. One approach may be to bundle Fall and Halloween decorations together, so you only have to do it once early in the season. 

There are no rules when it comes to how to decorate for Fall. Add an orange, red, or brown pot to your decor to spice things up this season! A simple update to your decor such as this will always keep you in season. 

DIY Fall Decor  

While using traditional Halloween decorations is always lovely, combining ceramics, gourds, and leaves provides a more regal display. Plastic ornaments can look cheap or tacky and may only hold up to one season. Glazed ceramic pots will continue to look fantastic for many years to come.

At Ten Thousand Pots, we have planters in a variety of colors. Mix and match your favorites to create a unique look. For example, go with a black, white, and orange theme to give the Halloween spirit. Or go with a red, orange, green, and brown look to fit the mood through the Fall season. 

 Halloween Decor

What to Plant in a Fall Garden

While the first thought associated with Fall is the decor, it is also a prime time to garden. Fall is a great time to plant seeds. The sun hits the ground at a much weaker angle, so seedlings will not wither away if you miss a watering. Here are some of the best plants to sow when it gets cooler.  

  • Leafy Greens – Greens like lettuce and spinach do best when planted in Fall. The cooler, moist soil of Fall is better than the hot, dry soil of Summer. 
  • Fall annuals – Fall annual flowers such as pansies or dianthus will burn in too much sun when getting established. Planting them in cooler weather will let the roots establish themselves.   
  • Trees and shrubs – Bushes and trees typically need a long time to establish roots, making them perfect for a Fall garden. 

Tip: When to start a Fall garden: It is recommended that you start a Fall garden early-to-mid October. Make sure the highs for the upcoming weeks are 90 degrees or lower.

Where to Buy Fall Decor

When it’s time to bring out your Fall home decor, you need premium pottery for your plants. Come share your Fall decor ideas with us, and we will help pick the best ceramic pots for you. At Ten Thousand Pots, we have the largest selection of planters and yard art in Texas! Come see all of the different colors and styles we offer! We provide free consultations from our team every day. You can reach us at (512) 584-8889 or learn more about the services we provide. Learn more about what we do here. If you don’t live near us, we ship anywhere in the US.