Clay Pots vs Plastic Pots

Which Planter or Pots is Right for You?

Planters and pots are made out of many materials. Pots and planters are often manufactured from polypropylene, polyethylene, fiberglass, aluminum, etc. Still, an age-old debate continues – clay pots vs. plastic pots. 

The fact is, both types of planters (plastic or clay) can work for your plants. However, according to Beyond Plastic Waste by Dame Ellen MacArthur, 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans each year. Unfortunately, when we get a great deal on fiberglass or plastic planters we contribute to a global issue. Therefore, one of the benefits of clay pots is their environmental viability.

Are Ceramic Pots Better than Plastic Pots?

Which is better: clay pots or plastic pots? Are clay pots better for plants? Clay pots have been utilized as planters for centuries. They are better for the environment and have a timeless charm. Here are some of the benefits of clay planters:

  • Unrivaled Artistry – Because humanity has been manufacturing clay planters for ages, thousands of styles and colors are available. Clay planters are functional pieces of art that tell a story. 
  • Dignified – Between a plastic or clay planter, which do you think looks more classy? Plastic planters are fine for generic decorations. Conversely, ceramic garden pots make a bold and elegant statement.
  • Great for Water Retention – Clay pots are best if your plants like even soil moisture. Nonetheless, if you need quick-draining soil, you can use a terracotta clay pot. The porous terracotta clay will help remove moisture from your plant’s roots.
  • Biodegradable – Plastic doesn’t deteriorate as quickly as clay. Furthermore, plastic pots can sit in a dumpsite for hundreds of years. A clay pot doesn’t create as much waste and can be repurposed into mosaics.
  • Frost-Resistant – Vietnamese clay planters are made from thick, rich clay. This type of clay creates an extremely strong pot. Outdoor planters of this variety can add enduring beauty to even the snowiest backyard. 
  • Plastic Pots Fade – Over time, plastic pots lose their color in the sun. The faded colors are anything but exciting and don’t complement a beautiful garden. 
  • Bottom Heavy – When it comes to clay pots vs. plastic pots, only clay pots can comfortably house large trees. A large plastic pot typically doesn’t have enough weight to hold a tree upright during heavy winds. 

    Clay Ceramic Pot

    Clay pots have all of the benefits of plastic pots and more. It just depends on which style of clay pot you choose. Besides the material of the pot, other factors should be considered when buying.

    How do I Choose an Outdoor Planter?

    What is the best material for outdoor planters? Clay is tried and true. With so many styles, finding the proper accent for your garden or walkway is easy. A few helpful facts for choosing suitable clay planters are:

    • Consider the Plant – Heat-tolerant plants will appreciate darker glazes. Oppositely, heat-sensitive plants will like lighter glazes. Additionally, a large pot will give plants more room to grow.
    • Spacing – Find an ideal location for your planter. Again, consider your plant and how much sunlight it will need. Afterward, measure the prospective area and write down the dimensions. 
    • Accent or Matching – Do you want the pot to stand out, make a statement, or blend in with the rest of the decor? Make a statement with complementary colors and bright glazes. 
    • Rustic or Modern – Aesthetically pleasing decorations often fit into a harmonious theme. Try to match your home or business theme. Modern-themed pieces will have minimal curves and smooth glazes, while rustic ones are more elaborate. 
    • Choose What Speaks to You – A bohemian approach is sometimes best. Getting stumped on a purchase can make buying a planter troublesome. When all else fails, pick something that catches your eye. 

    Plastic or Clay Pots for Plants?

    In conclusion, clay pots win in the battle of clay pots vs. plastic pots for plants. Of course, the debate – clay vs. plastic pots may continue. But time will reveal that Mother Nature appreciates clay pottery over plastic. Moreover, your garden or home will look refined with ceramic planters. 

    Where Can You Buy Ceramic Planters?

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