Looking For Original Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Give the Gift of Enduring Beauty this Valentine’s Day.

You might be asking yourself, what do I want for Valentine’s Day? A quick and easy solution would be to purchase a lovely bouquet. Flowers are generally well-received any time of the year. In fact, a survey conducted by Statista found that flowers are one of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day. But what if you want your gift to be unique and last longer than cut flowers? Planted flowers and handmade pottery make for great, original Valentine’s Day gifts.

Giving someone flowers is easy; however, planting and caring for flowers takes effort. So this year put your flowers in a planter or pot and cultivate your love. Show your loved ones that you want your relationship to grow. Don’t pay for flowers that end up in the compost in just a few weeks. Instead, plant your flowers in beautiful, emotionally inspiring pottery. Afterward, your partner will have an everlasting appreciation for your unique Valentine’s Day gift.

Unplanted Flowers Will Wilt, Love is Forever. 

Living plants are a practical Valentine’s Day gift. However, the gift of living flowers in a planter will show your willingness to go the extra mile. Some of the benefits of gifting potted flowers for Valentine’s Day are:

  • The Gift Will Last - Don’t be confined to just showing affection on Valentine’s Day - the flowers you plant will be a year-round gift. 
  • Constant Reminder of Affection - Your loved one will see your gift daily. The constant reminder of your affections will endure in a garden pot or planter. 
  • Flowers Brighten the Day - Flowers are known to brighten one’s mood and create feelings of calm. The vibrant colors from your gift can liven up your partner’s workspace.
  • Aromatic Therapy - The pleasing scents from flowers are therapeutic. Your loved one will associate you with the beautiful scent of the flowers you planted.
  • Help the Honey Bees - Show some love to the hardworking bees keeping our environment from collapsing in on itself. Planting flowers for the one you call “honey” will help the bees produce their own.

What Ideal Ceramics Should You Use for Your Original Valentine’s Day Gift?

When choosing a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift, think of romance. Try to find a planter that stirs up emotions. Here are five beautiful planters with romantic curves:

  1. Tall Ceramic Waffle Planter: Nothing gleams brighter than our 18K Gold tall waffle planter. Get your loved one a gift that will catch the light and make them think of you every time they pass it.
  2. Wide Rim Ceramic Waffle Planter: This contemporary accent fits any home decor scheme. If you have a contemporary planter lover, get them a wide waffle planter! 
  3. Shallow Ceramic Bowl: Choose our low bowl for an indoor planter. The shallow bowl is ideal for succulents or hanging plants.
  4. Ceramic High Cana Pot: The cana pot has a pronounced lid. This planter is perfect if your loved one enjoys modern decor.
  5. Tavito Cup Pot: A planter with a slim base and wide top. This planter is sure to make a statement. Try gifting the tavito cup pot with some planted flowers.

Where Can You Get Beautiful Handmade Pottery?

Have trouble finding pottery that inspires romance? Need a vibrant piece of pottery that reflects your significant other? Still wondering what to get your girlfriend or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Give your loved one a gift that propels the imagination and lasts a lifetime.

At Ten Thousand Pots, we have handmade, ceramic glazed pots with vivacious curves and luscious accents. Finding the perfect ceramic planter for your unique Valentine’s Day gift will be easy. Your Valentine’s Day gift of flowers will have an extra impact this year when planted in our beautiful planters. Give us a call at (512) 584-8889 or shop online for planters for your original Valentine’s Day gifts.