Outdoor Wedding Decorations Should be Lively and Exciting

Outdoor Wedding Decorations Should be Lively and Exciting

Handmade Pottery Makes a Statement and is Easy to Incorporate

Marriage is one of the most significant milestones in one’s lifetime. It is a rite of passage, a journey in which two individuals are welcomed into the community as a single unit. Within all rites of passage, there is a symbolic reincarnation. In fact, according to the Encyclopedia Britannicaduring a marriage ceremony, we are celebrating new growth and life. We strive to create an environment that reflects nature and viability. As a result, outdoor wedding decorations are often colorful and incorporate flowering plants.

Ceramic Planter Wedding Table Decorations 

Whether you are planning a backyard soiree or a catered event, beautiful ceramics can showcase the uniqueness of the occasion. Outdoor weddings are one of the hottest current trends in matrimony. To give your wedding ceremony an unforgettable look, consider incorporating handcrafted pottery. Not only will your guests feel the awe of nature, but also everlasting impressions will be made.

Where Can You Use Pottery for Outdoor Weddings?

One of the goals of a backyard or outdoor wedding is typically saving valuable cash. Cash that can later be spent on an extravagant honeymoon. Backyard wedding ideas can range from a few picnic tables to a large tented affair. Regardless of the size, ceramics make for great outside wedding decorations. Here are a few places to set garden pots at your wedding:

  • Outside Wedding Table Decorations – Square or round, your guests will love sitting at your wedding tables with ornate centerpieces featuring colorful pottery. Convenient to design yourself, potted plants are a cheap table decoration. 
  • Wedding Aisle Entrances – Create a dreamlike entrance to your ceremony with large outdoor planters. Generate feelings of stability and tranquility with functional artwork lining your walkway. 
  • Favors for Guests – You may want to send your guests home with something to mark the occasion. Thankfully, Vietnamese pottery lasts decades and can remind your guests of your wonderful ceremony for years. 
  • Centerpieces – You don’t have to hire a designer to create a bold statement. Do-it-yourself backyard wedding ideas are supposed to be simple. Arrange a few colorful planters for a beautiful, eye-catching centerpiece in your garden. 
  • Fountains – If your wedding is in your garden, why not use the opportunity to add enduring beauty? A custom water feature from our store can increase your wedding wow factor tenfold. 
  • Hanging Baskets – Most backyard weddings will require a tent or covering. Use mesh hangers with vibrant pottery to bring nature even closer.  
  • Photo Holders – Place pictures of you and your partner in flower pots for personal small backyard wedding decorations. You can also create a story with a timeline of photos and pottery. 

Another benefit of pottery for outdoor wedding decorations is the variety of options available. You’re bound to find pottery that fits your outdoor wedding decoration ideas. Additionally, flowering plants in pots are quintessential outdoor wedding ideas for summer.     

Where Can I Find Affordable Outdoor Wedding Decorations?

Are you busy planning your wedding or possibly a wedding for a friend? Having trouble finding inspiring decorations that celebrate love? Our store, Ten Thousand Pots, has a wonderful variety of garden decorations and outdoor pottery. Because our ceramics are handcrafted, each piece has a unique story. Moreover, Vietnamese ceramics have illuminating and cheerful glazes that brighten up any natural setting. Therefore, your backyard wedding will become more lively, spirited, and unrepeatable. For more information on handmade ceramics or design consultations, call our support team at 512-584-8889. Alternatively, you can shop our curated selection at our online store