Rustic Flower Pots That Fit Your Natural Home

Rustic Flower Pots That Fit Your Natural Home

Rustic Pots for Plants

Rustic style is on the other side of the design spectrum from modern. Rustic is natural and worn. It gives the appearance of a lived-in space. Rustic spaces provide a nostalgic feel for many southern homeowners, which is probably why it is so popular. Rustic spaces generally use wood, clay, and stone.

One study placed participants in different rooms with wood, wallpaper, painted surfaces, and furniture. The study found that participants preferred the wood room and described it as warm and comforting. Rustic styles resemble natural shelter, so the safe feeling makes sense. If your home is natural, you need pots that give you that same comforting feeling. 

Extra Large Rustic Planters 

Finding large rustic flower pots for sale can be difficult. If they are large, they usually aren’t high quality. If they are high quality, they are overpainted and no longer rustic. Ten Thousand Pots has premium rustic ceramic pots in various sizes. Any color or texture of rustic pot can be found at our store. 

What colors go well with rustic brown? Many colors fit into the rustic brown style. Rustic red, yellow, and green are commonly mixed in. Gray, black, and white can always be thrown in too. As long as your colors aren’t intensely bright, you can play with any color. Here are some of our best options: 

  • Large clay flower pot – Our clay flower pot is ideal for a large rustic pot. It is simple and fits any rustic home. While we don’t have traditional rustic terracotta pots, this pot is highly similar.
  • Rustic urn – The rustic urn is an excellent example of utilizing gray and white in your rustic home. 
  • Rustic low bowl – The rustic low bowl is a fantastic way to incorporate blue into your rustic space. The blue is natural and rich so that it will fit right in.  
  • Lying vase planter – Our lying vase planter lets you add a rustic piece to your garden or patio.
  • Asian-style plant pots – This pot is a great way to add a brighter color to a rustic home. The antique aqua color adds a pop of color.


Rustic Pots for Indoor Plants

If you are buying pots for indoor plants, we have something for you. Our colorful plant saucer comes in a rustic clay option. A saucer will protect your surfaces from water damage. Rustic pot feet are another option allowing airflow so that the water dries before it causes damage.

You can get away without using a saucer for outdoor rustic flower pots. However, it is still recommended if the pots are on your patio. All of our pots at Ten Thousand Pots are indoor and outdoor. Try mixing and matching. Any of our rustic pots will pair well together.

Where to Buy Rustic Pots Near Me?

If you need rustic plant pots, come to Ten Thousand Pots. At Ten Thousand Pots, we have the largest selection of ceramic planters and yard art in Texas. Come see all of the different colors and styles we offer! For landscaping with pots, there is enough variety for all of your customers. We provide free consultations from our team every day. You can reach us at (512) 584-8889 or learn more about the services we provide. Learn more about what we do here. If you don’t live near us, we ship anywhere in the US.