What Makes Vietnamese Pottery Unique?

Quality Over Quantity

What is Vietnamese Pottery?

Vietnamese pottery is ceramic art made in Vietnam. It has played a massive role in trade with surrounding countries. Vietnamese glazed pots are specifically exported to US businesses and sold nationwide. Due to its beauty and durability, it is widely sought after by home decor enthusiasts. 

What Makes Vietnamese Planters Different From Other Garden Planters For Sale?

Many people don’t know what getting a Vietnamese glazed pot means. First and foremost, the quality of the clay is of a higher caliber than that found in other outdoor pots. Not least, the firing process is care-intensive and low heat. The clay used is dark and dense and, after being fired, will withstand the harshest of outdoor environments. All our pottery collections are frost resistant and suitable for interior or exterior settings all year round. The “dragon kiln” uses a wood fire to gradually set the glaze and create a durable finished product during firing. Our selection of garden pottery for sale is more robust than you will find in any department store. With the purchase of Vietnamese pottery, you get to take home a piece of craftsmanship that is not only decorative but also durable. 



How Can You Select The Right Piece of Pottery For Your Needs?

When setting up your outdoor or indoor pottery, finding the right pots for you is important. First, decide which pot types you will use to decorate your interior and exterior garden. Next, think about your aesthetic and the outside and inside of your home. Is it formal or traditional, or slick or contemporary? Now look for the container to match your vision. This is where Ten Thousand Pots makes your life easier. Our online shop and the in-person store will have a wide variety of small to large garden pots for sale and professional support staff to help you find the ideal decor. 


Why Choose Ten Thousand Pots?

At Ten Thousand Pots, we offer a vibrant stock of fired Vietnamese pots for sale. Our products are supervised and tested on functionality, quality, and durability. Ten Thousand Pots uses black clay to manufacture glazed pottery collected from Vietnam. Since 2017 we have been growing our relationships with our wonderful customers. Ten Thousand Pots’ commitment is to provide quality, reasonable prices, and stylish pots. So even if you aren’t looking for large outdoor pots for sale, we have small ones too! 

Our staff spends a good deal of time checking the products before supply. They ensure that their pots are 100% perfect, with no bumps, lumps, or crack lines in their products. Thus we check all our products before shipping or stocking for in-store sales. As a result, for their high-quality products and good performance, in a short time, our company has gained popularity all over the world.

To add the pleasing sights of idealistic pottery to your backyard, interior, and exterior, browse our Vietnamese pots for sale. We have magnificent and colorful, mind-blowing pots to transform your home and garden into a relaxing retreat. From garden urns for sale to tall ceramic planters for sale, we have you covered. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide you with unparalleled willingness and support. Stop by our store or give us a call at 512-584-8889 today!