Yard Art and Garden Decor in Austin

Garden Art

Gardens don’t just need plants. When your plants go dormant in the Winter, you need beautiful metal art to keep your garden looking vibrant. Yard art adds a pop of color to your garden, and gives it a cozy feel. Additionally, it allows you to add some personality to your space.

Art diversifies your yard. One who isn’t interested in plants may enjoy the art in your yard. It brings a whimsical flair to your garden. From flamingos to windmills, at Ten Thousand pots you can find a plethora of art pieces for your yard.

Yard Art Ideas

There are no rules when it comes to yard art. Look for items that showcase your personal style. Lawn art is designed to catch your eye when you look at a home. You want the brightest and most colorful art to show your personality. Here are some ideas for yard art to include in your secret garden.

  • Ceramic chickens – Faux chickens will make your space a true farm home. At Ten Thousand Pots we have other ceramic animals such as cats, ducks, and frogs. There are metal animals in store too.
  • Metal Cacti – Cactus yard art is perfect for plant lovers. An agave plant will stay pretty even during a freeze. Likewise, metal daisies will look lovely next to your mailbox year round
  • Wall Art – Garden wall art is superb at brightening up a dull wall. Our wall cactus has beautiful blooms to match any annual flower garden.
  • Talavera Animals – Add a bright punch of color to your yard with a Talavera frog, cat, dog, or even gecko. Show off your artsy side by choosing your favorite color palette; each one is unique.
  • Pond Animals – Have your yard art match your environment. We have ceramic ducks and fish ornaments to enhance your pond. An alligator accent in your pond will bring a smile to any visitor’s face.
Ceramic Yard Art

Other Yard Ornaments

For those who already have animal and flower art, there are other options. While flowers bring beauty to your yard, these items bring a unique flair to your lawn. Here are some of the eccentric ornaments we offer.

  • Foot Planter – Our foot planter is guaranteed to make any yard a favorite in the neighborhood.
  • Buddha Head – Our buddha head brings a peaceful setting to your space.
  • Seashell Jar – Our ceramic seashell planter is one of our most unique items. Ideally, place it near a water feature.
  • Elephant Stool – Add our ceramic elephant stool to your favorite garden spot. It is not only a seat, but beautiful lawn art too.

Some of our pots have quirky designs too. For instance, our owl pot will add curb appeal to your house. Our seashell planter will bring a serene, beachy vibe to your backyard. Adding practical ornaments like stools to your yard is something that most homeowners do not do anymore. The book Yard Art and Handmade Places: Extraordinary Expressions of Home discusses this. The writer says homeowners in the US do not use the front yard for crop growth, social interaction, or recreation like they did in the past. The front of houses simply represents an entryway. Making your yard a living space can improve your home life drastically.

Where to Buy Yard Art Near Me?

At Ten Thousand Pots, we have the largest selection of ceramic planters and yard art in Texas. Come see all of the different colors and sizes we offer! We provide free consultations from our team every day. You can reach us at (512) 584-8889 or learn more about the services we provide. Learn more about what we do here. If you don’t live near us, we ship anywhere in the US.

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