Talavera Pottery Flower Pot - Multicolor

SKU: J2101MC-A
Talavera Pottery Flower Pot | Ten Thousand Pots
Talavera Mexican Pottery Flower Pot | Ten Thousand Pots
Talavera Pottery Flower Pot - Multicolor | Ten Thousand Pots
Talavera Pottery Flower Pot Multisize | Ten Thousand Pots

Talavera Pottery Flower Pot - Multicolor

SKU: J2101MC-A
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Looking to incorporate a little spice into the flavor of your garden? Our Talavera Pottery Flower Pot brings worldly influence to your living spaces. Mexican decorative pottery, Talavera, is rich in history and tells the story of melding cultures. Each Talavera flower pot’s journey is inscribed by the artwork of Mexican artisans - every piece holds a different tale. 

Product Specifications
  • Sizes:
    • A - 16.5” tall and 15.25” wide
    • B - 14” tall and 14” wide
    • C - 13” tall and 12” wide
    • D - 10.5” tall and 10” wide
    • E - 9” tall and 9” wide
    • F - 8” tall and 8” wide
    • G - 8” tall and 6.5” wide
    • H - 7” tall and 5.5” wide
    • I - 6” tall and 4.5” wide
    • J - 5” tall and 4” wide
  • Weights: 
    • A - 16lbs
    • B - 12lbs
    • C - 10lbs
    • D - 8lbs
    • E - 6lbs
    • F - 4lbs
    • G - 3.5lbs
    • H - 3lbs
    • I - 2lbs
    • J - 1.5lbs
  • Material: ceramic and paint.
  • Glazed inside and out.
  • Each Talavera flower pot comes with a ¾” drainage hole.
  • Hand-painted, each piece has unique details.
  • Place a saucer underneath the planter to protect stainable surfaces.
Product Care
  • For indoor or outdoor use (preferably in shaded areas). 
  • Lacquer or apply resin to prevent color fading in constant direct sunlight.
  • Tested for durability, quality, and consistency.
  • Add a layer of lava rocks before adding soil for enhanced drainage. 
  • Nationwide Shipping Available

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Massive selection of pots - all unique! Skip the box store and take the quick trip out there! Fantastic service!

Linny Hevert
Austin, TX

It was worth the drive!!! The selection of pots and prices are amazing! I am so happy with the ceramic pots I bought and the sculpture.

The guys that worked there were so helpful and kind. Thank you for all your help, will see you soon!!

Heather McNary
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They have good collections of pot and fountains at reasonable price. What else does anybody want in shopping. 👍.

Shanti Shantala

Absolutely the best place to find a variety of pots, other ceramic items and great ideas for making fountains all at a very reasonable price with fantastic service!

Matthew W

I was looking for some colorful, eclectic outdoor pottery to use as planters and my google search led me to this wonderful establishment. Wow! Beautiful, beautiful pots, planters and fun colorful interest pieces as far as the eye can see. I bought a gorgeous blue pot and fun and enthused staff member Louis told me about some of the pieces and the artists that made them. He was a hoot and made the experience as good as it gets! Each piece is handmade making it one of a kind. Also, the prices are very reasonable. A fun, colorful experience on multiple levels and I will be back to get more treasures!

Brenda Harte