Looking For Good Gifts To Get Your Mom For Mother’s Day?

Ceramics Are An Excellent And Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Idea.

Is finding a good gift for Mother's Day causing you trouble? You might be tempted to go for the typical candle or self-care kits that will be used in a few weeks. Why go all out on a short   lived gift when you can get your mother a functional piece of artwork that will last years.

Ceramics and pottery are some of the oldest forms of artwork. Like bonfires and storytelling, they speak to the innate human soul. Most everyone can appreciate the beautiful glaze and the fine craftsmanship of pottery. Gifts of aesthetically pleasing works of art are sure to be well received. In fact, according to an article published by Frontiers In Psychology, artwork that is easily appreciated is proven to uplift spirits and brighten one’s mood. Moreover, ceramics are a functional gift that lasts years. An empty pot is still full of potential. Even if mom isn’t a gardener or horticulturalist she is sure to appreciate a beautiful piece of art. 

What Kinds Of Pots Are Best For Mother’s Day Gifts?

You’ll want to make sure that the pottery you are gifting is going to last a lifetime. Vietnamese pottery is highly revered in the ceramics industry. Rich clay is used in the process which makes for a sturdy final product. Pots from Vietnam are handmade, therefore they make for a unique and personal gift. In the same way, there is a multitude of styles to choose from. Below is a list of popular and unique styles of Vietnamese pots for every household: 

  • Bullet Planter: This indoor/outdoor garden planter can add a finishing touch or be the main piece in your mom’s garden. Our bullet planter has a sleek, minimalist look that’s easy to pair with and will compliment your space.
  • Modern Milan: Perfect for any plant or setting. Features a modern square silhouette with a rounded edge that is ideal for displaying large ferns, small trees, or beautiful flowers.
  • High Cana Pot: Comes in glazed and rustic styles. Features a classic and tall silhouette that is perfect for displaying beautiful floral arrangements. 
  • Ceramic Crescent Planter: Nothing has as unique a shape as our crescent planters. Give your mother a gift that will wow her.
  • Elegant Ceramic Urn: A classic style pot found in Roman and Greek landscaping. This goblet-shaped pot is perfect for a classic look with an elegant flair. 
  • Small Ornate Bird Bath: A great gift for moms who enjoy bird watching. Our ceramic bird baths retain a low profile look with a vibrant accent. 
  • Tall Square Planter: Our tall square planter is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Available in many sizes to comfortably fit anywhere in the home. Tall square planters can accommodate nearly any type of plant.
Buddha Head Accent

Where Do You Find Great And Reasonably Priced Pots For Mother’s Day? 

Pottery is one of the best gifts to get for your mom, but it shouldn’t break the bank. Luckily pots come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the best things to give mom for Mother’s day will be easy. Additionally, shopping for pottery online is more convenient and safe!

At Ten Thousand Pots, we will help you find the best piece of pottery for your Mother’s Day gift. Our online store is constantly updated and has an amazing selection of Vietnamese pottery. We use top-of-the-line packing techniques and ensure all of our shipped products. All orders ship within three to five business days. We would love to help you get mom something she remembers every Mother’s Day! Order online or give us a call at 512-584-8889.

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