Use Ceramics to Make the Most out of Your Spring Garden

Decorating with Ceramic Pottery

Nothing gets you in the mood for Spring like bright colors. The perennial flowers you planted last year will already pop up, gleaming in the sun. But, on the other hand, your ferns and vines might need some help in the color department. So what better way to have more color around your garden than to add some dazzling aqua pots?

When decorating for the Spring season, think of floral colors. Yellow, white, gold, green, blue, and purple will all complement the flowers around your yard. When the flowers die back, your pots will keep the color in your yard until the following Spring. These are some of our favorite pots for a Spring display:

  • Round Rim Bullet Planter - If you're looking to get greener and have something aesthetically pleasing, then this Round Rim Bullet Planter is for you. 
  • Elegant Ceramic Urn Planter - The heavy metal and cream copper colors look brilliant in the sun.
  • Ceramic Low Dimple Bowl - The pumpkin spice and aqua are warm and fit into a Spring garden. The seafoam white option can sit right in the middle of your garden with planted flowers, which will pop in contrast to the color.


    Textured Planter

    • Ceramic Decor 

      Pottery is one of many things you can boost your decor with. There are loads of ceramic items to adorn your garden with. Here are just a few:

      • Ceramic animals - Animals add whimsy to your garden. Glazed ceramic animals will shine and last through any weather.
      • Talavera - Mexican pottery is the ideal way to add lots of color to your yard.  
      • Bird baths - Ceramic bird baths stand tall above your garden and 
      • Statues - Buddha statues bring a serene feeling to any space. 

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