Cobalt Blue Planters

  • Large Cobalt Blue Planters to Elevate Your Plants

     Vietnamese pottery if full of Cobolt blue ceramics. It is unsurprising that it is a well-liked color; blue is very soothing. A study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General found blue to be associated with security, comfort, pleasure, and low stress. Similarly, the sky and the ocean can induce a calming effect.

    A cobalt blue planter pot is your best bet if you aren’t great at matching colors. Cobalt blue is versatile, so it goes well with most colors. It pairs well with white, black, red, orange, green, and more. Coupling it with white or black gives a modern look. Conversely, red, orange, or green match a brightly decorated home.

    What Does the Color Blue Represent? 

    Different colors have different historical meanings. For example, blue commonly represents serenity and intelligence. Darker blues, like cobalt blue, represent richness and power. Here are some other colors and their meanings:

    • Red is associated with passion and power.
    • Yellow represents energy and joy.
    • Green usually represents freshness and growth.
    • Orange gives off excitement and playfulness.
    • Violet is the color of spirituality and wisdom.

    Overall, the pot color you choose can affect the way visitors and you feel in your home. For example, cobalt blue will give a regal feel to your space. 

    Cobalt Blue Ceramic Pots 

    A cobalt blue pot is one of the most striking items you can decorate your garden with. But, of course, a premium ceramic pot with a thick glaze is even more stunning. At Ten Thousand pots, we have loads of cobalt blue options. Here are some of the most striking cobalt blue planters we offer:

    • Giant palace pot – Our giant palace pot is the grand decoration of your home. Placing one in your front yard will show you’re serious about pots.
    • Tall tapered vase pot – One of our tall cobalt blue planters, our vase pot is essential for showing off your favorite flowers. Add some orange flowers and see the difference it makes in your room.
    • Modern low bowl – Modern low bowls are understated for the modern garden. They fit in just about anywhere in your garden. They are ideal for making arrangements.
    • Half-round planter – Our half-round planter sits along a wall and adds a pop of color.  
    • Flower vines planter – This cobalt blue flower pot is one of our most unique pots. The pot itself does most of the talking. Just add a simple flower-like white alyssum. 

Blue planters

Accessories for Cobalt Blue Pots

For cobalt blue outdoor planters, you need pot feet that match. At Ten Thousand Pots, we have cobalt blue pot feet. Pot feet will elevate your planter to allow airflow and drainage. For a non-blue pot, cobalt blue feet will add a vibrant complementary color. For cobalt blue indoor pots, we have plant saucers to match. A saucer will blend with your pot, giving it a more prominent, fancier look. Additionally, saucers allow you to place colorful rocks around your pot for another pop of color.

Where to Find Cobalt Blue Planters?

If you are a fan of blue, come to Ten Thousand Pots. We have cobalt blue ceramic flower pots in all different sizes. At Ten Thousand Pots, we have the largest selection of ceramic planters and yard art in Texas. Come see all of the different styles we offer! We provide free consultations from our team every day. You can reach us at (512) 584-8889 or learn more about the services we provide. Learn more about what we do here. If you don’t live near us, we ship anywhere in the US.