Looking For Mexican Talavera Pottery Animals That Will Add Color to Your Garden?

Our Store, Ten Thousand Pots, Has a Multicolored Supply of Handmade Mexican Garden Ornaments.

Is your garden in need of a spark of color? Do you love animals but don’t have the time for more pets? Talavera pottery animals can add bursts of vibrant artistry to your garden. Hand-painted and original, each piece has character and charm. Additionally, Talavera animal planters make great homes for your herbs and flowers. Not interested in Mexican garden animals? Talavera birdbaths, wall art, and of course, Talavera planters are also options for your garden or home. 

What Does Talavera Mean?

Supposedly, the name Talavera originates from Talavera de Reina, a city in Spain. According to an article by Talavera Online, Talavera originated in Puebla, Mexico. Spanish artists, hailing from Talavera de Reina, designed a church with Mexican ceramic masters. Talavera is a culmination of pottery history. Stemming from Mesopotamian-style tiles in Spain and influenced by ancient Mesoamerican ceramics in Mexico, Talavera is rich with worldly influences.

What Does Talavera Look Like?

What do Talavera pieces look like today? Check out these Talavera pottery animals and planters available for delivery from our online store


Suns and moons are commonly used in Talavera wall art. However, some Talavera wall art can function as planters for houseplants as well. 


A Talavera cat is the most low-maintenance pet anyone can own. A litter box is not required. 

This Talavera dog also doubles as a planter. This watchdog will safely guard your plants. 


A Talavera birdbath might rival the beauty of the birds resting on it. This birdbath is a great conversation piece for any garden. 

The varieties of Talavera planters are endless. Each one is hand-painted and offers a unique feel to any living space. 

Where Can You Get Authentic Talavera Pottery? 

Have you tried to find authentic Talavera animals and pottery at reasonable prices but have yet to succeed? Are you looking to outfit your home or garden with original, hand-painted, southwestern pottery? Our pottery outlet Ten Thousand Pots has you covered. You will find beautiful hand-crafted Talavera planters and ornaments directly imported from Mexico.  

Would you like your Talavera shipped to your door hassle-free? No problem - we’ve got you covered. Our ceramics are packaged with great care, insured, and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Call our store today at (512) 584-8889 to learn more about our Talavera pottery animals.