Red Planters That Brighten up Your Home

Why Choose Red Pots?

Red is not a very common color when it comes to pottery. Red shades are heat-sensitive, and don’t show up easily in the ceramic making process. Super tall pots are not very common to come across either. Tall red outdoor planters are nearly impossible to find. However, they are plentiful in Vietnam, and that is where Ten Thousand Pots sources pottery from. Large red ceramic planters are the best way to make a statement about your love for plants and decor.

Red is a great choice if you’re looking to capture guests’ attention. According to the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers have found links between the color red and vigilance. Therefore, it might pique the interest of those who visit your home. Here are some benefits of choosing large red outdoor planters: 

  1. Hard to miss – Red pots stand out in any room. If you aren’t good at matching bright colors, put them in a white or gray room. They will add a pop of color without clashing.
  2. Illuminates dark walls – Put a bright red pot in the middle of a gray wall. It will prevent any dullness from overtaking your atmosphere. 
  3. Uncommon matches – Bright red pairs well with colors that are normally hard to match. Try bright red with orange or yellow for a funky look. Pairing red with any color creates a unique mood.

Red Pots

Red Pots for Sale

Finding a large red plastic pot is no big task. However, plastic pots do not have the same effect as a large ceramic red pot. Something about staggering red pots made with high quality material gives off a sense of worth. These are some of the best tall red planters we have: 

  • Dropped rain planter – The dropped rain planter is awesome for those who like detailed, textured pots. If extra large red planters are what you’re looking for, this pot is perfect.
  • Classic medium wedge planter – The wedge fills a corner or marks the entrance of a walkway. It is a classic pot for red decor fiends.             
  • Welcome vase planter – Our small welcome vase planter is good in the grass on either side of a walkway in your garden. You don’t just need red statement pieces. Welcome vases catch your peripheral vision and show off your style right at an entrance.
  • Venetian planter – Our venetian planter is regal. Put your most prized plant in this pot and display it by your front door. It also looks great in a dining room, for a more fancy feel.
  • Left and right foot planters – The left and right foot planters are a fun planter for the whimsical secret garden. Our red option draws the most attention. Pair the feet with a buddha ornament for even more fun.

Where to Buy Red Planters

At Ten Thousand Pots, we have the largest selection of ceramic planters, saucers, and yard art  in Texas. Come see all of the different colors and sizes we offer! If you want large red indoor planters, all of our pots are fine indoors too! We provide free consultations from our team every day to help you decide what pot and saucer combination is best. You can reach us at (512) 584-8889 or learn more about the services we provide. Learn more about what we do here.

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