Vietnamese Pottery in Bee Cave

Why Choose Vietnamese Pottery?

The quality of decorations is essential. Adorning your yard with terracotta and plastic pots is nice until they are weathered and lose value. For a product that lasts, choose Vietnamese pottery. Luckily, Ten Thousand Pots is close to Bee Cave, Texas. Invest in decorative pottery that will not diminish in value and will only look better when it rains or snows. 

Aside from quality, the sheer number of different styles and designs that come out annually speaks for itself. Why wait for new designs to be approved by big box stores when you can shop our new designs during every visit? 

Our Best Pots for Residents of Bee Cave, TX

Bee Cave is known for its large hills and green spaces. Driving through Bee Cave means seeing lots of tiered landscaping with heat-tolerant plants. Citizens of Bee Cave enjoy decor with southern charms, like cottage or rustic styles. Here are some Vietnamese planters we think Bee Cave homeowners will appreciate:  

  • Basket planter with handles – Our basket planter adds the charm your garden lacks. Not only is it rustic in look, but it is very hardy. 
  • Handmade flowerpot – The handmade flower pot is a classic round design that fits with a simple southern style. The top features an earthenware design that gives it a rustic finish. 
  • Ceramic vines planter – For a pot that fits with your natural landscaping, try our ceramic vines planter. These pots give a regal feel while still looking natural. 
  • Flared rim striped pot – Our flared rim pot resembles a pumpkin. Its unique shape and color are sure to bring whimsy to your decor. 

Where to Find us   

Ten Thousand Pots is a simple south drive on highway 71, then a westward drive down 290. At Ten Thousand Pots, we have the largest selection of ceramic planters and yard art in Texas. See all of the different colors and styles we offer! In addition, we provide free consultations from our team every day. You can reach us at (512) 584-8889 or learn more about the services we provide. Learn more about what we do here. We ship anywhere in the US if you don’t live near us.