What are the Best Low Maintenance Climbing Plants That Even Beginner Plant Parents can Master?

These Fast Growing Climbing Plants are both Formidable and Beautiful

Nothing provides comfort like a wall of climbing or trailing plants, offering coverage from the sun and providing fresh air to your living space. Not only that, but a 2014 article in Building and Environment found that climbing vegetation decreased surface temperatures of walls behind the plants. It also lowered the air temperature around the plants. 

With benefits and beauty, there’s nothing to lose. To top it off, many climbing plants are extremely easy to grow. The extravagant look of these plants can make people think they are difficult, but they are far from it. They have evolved to grow tall to avoid herbivores, so they are made to survive. 

Top 5 Easy to Grow Climbing Plants

When searching for low maintenance climbing plants the only thing you have to consider is where to grow them. Most vines will be drought-tolerant, so watering is not a concern. For example: make sure not to put a full sun vine like morning glory inside. These are the top 5 easiest climbing plants:

  • Devil’s Ivy: The popularity of devil’s ivy (also known as pothos) has skyrocketed in recent years. It is no wonder because they are one of the most forgiving plants you can have. They like to dry out two inches down before being watered again. Also, they enjoy bright indirect light, so they can even be grown indoors unlike other climbing plants.
  • Jasmine: Jasmine is a staple in the climbing plant category. Low maintenance climbing plants with flowers waft aroma throughout the surrounding area. Jasmine usually has white flowers, but can produce other colors such as pink and yellow. Most jasmines are also evergreens, so they are weather hardy and very tolerant of different types of care.
  • Wisteria: If you’re looking for perennial flowering vines your best bet is wisteria. Wisteria can be smelled from hundreds of feet away. They bloom early Spring but still provide that great viny coverage year-round. They are known for climbing to incredible heights.
  • Bougainvillea: Bougainvillea is drought tolerant and only requires fertilizer when it is flowering. Just plant it in a spot with full sun and water it occasionally and it will thrive!
  • Morning Glory: One of the fastest-growing, self climbing plants is morning glory. Morning Glory likes full sun and can tolerate dry periods. The amazing thing about these is that you can grow them easily from seed for as low as 20 cents at your local store.

Wisteria Pot

Can you Keep Climbing Plants in Pots?

Climbing plants can grow to be super healthy in pots and containers. They get many of their nutrients from growing upward and spreading as much as possible. Some even grow aerial roots to retrieve water outside of the soil.

Because climbing plants grow very tall, they need a strong pot to hold them in place. One with a wide surface area such as a rectangular planter is perfect. A wide pot will give the plant plenty of room to form a good root system. A rectangular pot will fit right along a wall, making it perfect for the plant to start climbing.

A Big Rectangular Planter is a great option. Not only will your trailing plants have plenty of room to grow, but you will save on space as well. This planter is perfect for apartments and offices. 

Do You Need a Planter to Grow Your Climbing Plants in?

If you decide to try your hand at these low maintenance climbing plants, we can pick the best pot for you. At Ten Thousand Pots, we have the largest selection of ceramic planters and yard art in Texas. We offer all different sizes and colors. Get a free consultation from our team today. You can reach us at (512) 584-8889 or learn more about the services we provide. Learn more about what we do here.

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