Frequently Asked Questions About 10K Pots

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Ten Thousand Pots | Ceramic Pots | Austin, Tx

At Ten Thousand Pots, we order and ship our pottery direct from factories. As a result, we have no middle man and are able to offer premium pottery at a discount to our customers.  Since the material used to produce our planters, pots, fountains and accents are so strong, our factory can add details that creates a unique look for each piece. In addition, our Vietnamese pottery is weather proof, age resistant and long lasting. When you purchase our Vietnamese pottery, you are buying a piece of art that will last for generations.

Can I Order Online?

We offer our full catalog in our online store with pick up and delivery options. Our current handling time to have an order shipped within 3 to 5 business days. All our available items and colors are current, however keep in mind we are adding new items daily to both our online store and our outdoor pottery warehouse. If you have any issues, contact us at (512)584-8889 and we will be happy to complete your order or give you a quote.

How Do You Ship Your Pottery?

At Ten Thousand Pots, we use a robust shipping network that allows us to pass savings on to you. For orders under 61 pounds, we use UPS ground shipping with products in specially prepared packaging. For orders 61 pounds or over, we use a network of freight carriers with products secured to pallets with padding. When you have an order that requires a pallet, we send your order with full services. Visit our pottery delivery page for more information on how we ship and pack our ceramics.

Both types of orders use live calculated shipping rates: that means you see the actual cost of shipping, from the carrier, the moment you place your order.  As a result, we have no hidden surcharges or prices added on to our ceramics.

Do You Offer a Return Policy?

If you are not satisfied with your non-clearance product, within 30 days you may return it to our store for a refund or exchange.

Does Ten Thousand Pots Deliver?

We regularly deliver across the state. Our fee is $40 for the initial charge and then $3 per mile. Freight shipping options are available for deliveries outside of the state and for all online orders.

Does My Order Come with Insurance?

Since our breakage rate is less than 1%, you can be confident that your order will get to you safely and securely. However, if there is damage to any of your ceramics, contact us and we will refund or exchange the item.

Will Ten Thousand Pots Load My Vehicle?

Our team will load all pick up orders for you and secure them into your vehicle. Please remember to drive safely – we are not responsible for breakage after pick up orders leave our shop.

What Do I Need for a Fountain?

Nothing enhances a space like a fountain. We can transform any of our pots or planters into a functioning, free-flowing fountain upon request. If you are looking to add a dramatic look to your space, all you need is a pump, reservoir, and fountain kit.

Ten Thousand Pots | Ceramic Pots | Austin, Tx

We offer two versions of water pumps that you can use to turn one of our planters into a fountain:  

  • 264 GPH Water Pumpthis affordable pump is ideal for smaller fountains and planters, indoor or outdoor.
  • 1188 GPH Water PumpFor most fountains and planters, we recommend our stronger 1188 GPH pump.

For all custom fountains you will need a reservoir. We currently offer two options based on location and size of your fountain:

  • 36″ reservoir: This circular reservoir is long lasting and comes equipped with a pump housing unit.
  • 44″ reservoir: this large, rectangular reservoir has multiple locations for pumps and lasts decades.

    If you have an existing planter or pot or purchase one from our store and you would like to turn into a fountain, we will install a fountain kit for $35 that includes: 

    • Hose
    • Brass Tip
    • PVC Piping
    • PVC Valve

    We also offer a sealing service for $45 that leak-proofs your fountain. This service comes with O-rings for extra protection and includes a 2 to 3 day QA where our team tests your fountain for durability and consistency.

    How Do I Care for and Maintain a Fountain?

    Our custom water features are easy to care for and maintain. In-depth information on how to keep your fountain running smoothly can be found in our fountain care guide. Thankfully, our ceramic water fountains not only clean easily, but run for decades with little maintenance. 

    Does Ten Thousand Pots Offer Installation Services?

    We offer installation services on any water feature from our store. If you need fountains or custom planters placed on your property, we will ask you to fill out a installation request form. If approved, we charge a $300 flat rate fee plus the distance for delivery plus any premium stones, separate from the cost of the products. Our installation services include:

    • Surveying the install sight.
    • Digging a hole for the reservoir.
    • Reinforcing the ground with sand.
    • Evening ground and placing reservoir.
    • Laying mulch and/or rocks to conceal reservoir.

    Do You Offer Wholesale Pottery?

    We offer wholesale pottery orders for garden centers, redistributors and nurseries. If you are interested in a wholesale order shipped by freight, for store pick up or for local delivery, contact us for more information. If you would like a cargo container shipped at wholesale prices, please visit our business partners at TT Pottery.

    Do You Offer Special Services for Different Markets?

    We offer special deals and services for various industries. This includes exclusive discounts for landscape professionals and wholesale ordering options for garden centers, restaurants, commercial property developers, redistributors and nurseries. View our wholesale page for more information.

    Is Vietnamese Pottery for Indoors or Outdoors?

    All of our pottery can be used for indoor or outdoor use. We offer a large range of products that can be used in any environment. If you have a special project that requires some planning, our team of experts is available to guide you through the process.

    Does Your Pottery Come With a Drainage Hole?

    Unless a product states otherwise or is a garden accent item, all our planters and pots come with a drainage hole. If you need work done to your planter or pot, such as adding a drainage hole, we can drill those for you on the spot. All our drainage holes are one and 3/8th inch.

    What Temperature are Vietnamese Ceramics Produced At?

    All our Vietnamese pottery is high-fired in a wood burning kiln at 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,150 Celsius. Since the clay is heated to a higher temperature it is resistant to cracking and aging. In addition, the clay used to created Vietnamese ceramics are ideal for making detailed designs. This ensures a high level of quality and durability.

    Do You Sell Broken Pieces?

    Are you looking to create a beautiful mosaic design in your home or business? We offer broken pieces of pottery at a discount for DIY gardeners. Stop by our store and browse our colorful ceramics, ranging from $1 to $10 per piece.