Looking for Wholesale Ceramic Planters?

You Need a Reliable Distributor with Competitive Pricing

Have you searched the web for wholesale ceramic planters only to find high prices and high shipping rates? Is finding a distributor feeling like finding a needle in a haystack? An exponential increase in wholesalers and manufacturers online has made finding trustworthy distributors complicated. 


In fact, according to a guide by Score, consulting, online directories, and attending events might be needed to find a wholesaler. Trial and error is the gauntlet we all must run through to attain healthy relations with suppliers. It would be best if you had a supplier that ships goods straight from the manufacturer to you in a timely manner.

About Our Store

Our pottery and planter wholesale store, Ten Thousand Pots, makes buying ceramic pots in bulk easy. We have been providing wholesale ceramic planters to landscapers, designers, home decor stores, and garden centers for years. Our pottery is handmade in Vietnam, and our online catalog is constantly growing. Furthermore, we have the capacity to ship directly from our factory to your doorstep. So save yourself time and money when choosing us as your wholesaler for ceramics.

Why Choose Ten Thousand Pots

We believe in providing garden centers and redistributors premium pottery at the lowest rate in the industry while maintaining the widest selection of ceramics possible. Our role in the distribution network profits our clients, retailers, manufacturers, and your customers. Some of the benefits of ordering wholesale ceramic planters from our network are:

  • No Minimum Order Requirement – Unlike most distributors offering ceramic planters wholesale, we require no minimum dollar amount on wholesale purchases.
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – Some garden pottery wholesale companies require you to jump through hurdles of red tape to complete a return. All of our products are insured and backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Largest Selection of Pottery in Texas – Our online catalog makes finding the right wholesale pottery for your needs easy. You can choose from a wide variety of glazes and styles, all handmade in Vietnam.
  • Competitive Pricing – Our wholesale garden pots are delivered to our store directly from our factories in Vietnam. Our pricing gives you the agency to pass on your savings to your guests and clients. 
  • Robust Shipping Network – Shipping wholesale large ceramic garden pots can get pricey. Thankfully, our store offers real-time shipping rates from a vast network of carriers. This ensures that you receive your wholesale order at the best rate possible. 
  • Attention to Detail – Our team constantly inspects our pottery, ensuring you receive the highest quality products.
  • Secure Packing Technologies – We have been shipping pottery for years. Experience and investments in ceramic delivery make us one of the most reliable distributors of garden pots wholesale. 
  • Reliable Support – We make the wholesale process hassle-free and personable. Our support staff works with you every step of the way, ensuring you get the best service possible.  

Contact Our Store Today

Are you a vendor in need of pottery and planters at wholesale prices? Looking to get stocked up before the next big rush? Our wholesale premium Vietnamese pottery is available for small or large business owners. While most vendors require clients to place bulk orders for savings, we break the mold. No minimum order requirement is needed, and our shipping network offers some of the best savings in the industry. Browse our online catalog of handmade Vietnamese pottery to see what we have in store. If you would like some assistance or more information on the wholesale process, give our support staff a call at (512) 584-8889